Out With the Old, In With the New

November 24, 2008

We survived!

Even better, we practically excelled!

Thanks to… hmm, let’s call her Kristin… thanks to Kristin’s incredible professionalism, talent, and behind-the-scenes preparation, our new Bianca strutted the stage without a hitch yesterday, improving our show tenfold.

There was still a bit of snarking over our recently-departed (in a huff, with tear-streaked cheeks and hot pink shorty shorts) “Old Bianca,” but hopefully we’ll work out any leftover snit fits over our turkey and gravy and arrive for our final weekend with fresh attitudes.

The working theory is that Old Bianca must have thought she was really screwing us by quitting so abruptly.  Little did she know that her unofficial understudy had been quietly practicing for weeks and weeks.

Soooo SAYONARA, SISTER!  Good luck getting cast in any theatre production in Phoenix, ever again.

Although, I’m sure deep down you’re a nice person, and you have pretty hair, and I know someday you’ll grow into a responsible and contributing member of society.

Or you’ll just let Daddy cure all your ills with his credit cards.

Did I say that out loud?  Oops.


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