Last Time I Washed My Hair:  I don’t remember.

Approximate Amount of Accumulate Hairspray in Hair, in Grams:  ….72?  How much is a gram?

Bruises:  4

Cause of Bruises:  2 bruises due to exuberant dancing, 1 bruise due to walking into bed, 1 bruise due to Moo using me as a jungle gym

Things Left Behind:  Old Bianca’s character shoes.  I’m guessing she won’t be coming back for those.

Guilt Level Over Dissing Old Bianca On Blog:  ….about a 7.5

State of the House:  In mad disarray, but cheerfully so, with Christmas boxes and jingle bells strewn aboot.

Moo’s Current Obsession:  Robots (Herbie is thrilled!)

According to Moo, What Do You Call that Heavenly Creature with Wings and a Halo?:  Angel Robot

What’s the Best Cure-All for Sore Muscles and Theatre Exhaustion?:  At night, Haagen-Dazs and a foot rub from Herbie.  In the morning, Bailey’s and mini powdered donuts.

Older Gentleman in Front Row at Sunday Matinee:  VERY alarmed at how much I kept sipping on my flask during the show.  It’s just water, sir!  Well, for now…heh heh heh.


Weekend Stats – Plus Monday

November 18, 2008

Roses Received:  46

Dishes Cleaned:  You’d have to ask Herbie

How’s Moo Doing?:  Screaming in bed with a cold

Oh Crap!:  I know.

Blisters: 3

Bandaids: 7

Bruises: 4

Kind Strangers Who Complimented Me After the Show:  3

So How Did That Whole ‘Finding-the-Note’ Thing Go?  Ehhhh.  Not so good.

More Ice Cream?  Yes, please.

Books Read By Clara (4 years) to Moo (19 months): “Corduroy,” “Barney’s Colorful World,” “Peekaboo Bunny”

Moo’s Response:  “Again! Again!”

Mama, What Are You Doing Instead of Finishing Up this Blog Post and Going to Bed?:  If you MUST know, I’m looking up current audition notices.  I think I’ve got the bug.

Costume Changes: 7

Lipstick Shade: Red velvet

Do I Have Lipstick On My Teeth?:  Yes, you do.

Number of Times I Dropped My Flask On Stage: 2

Number of Times I Adlibbed a Line: 2

Sneaking Suspicion That I Will Be Adlibbing a Line Almost Every Night?:  Mm-hmm.

Glorious Costco Bounty Provided by Gina: Red Vines, Rice Krispie treats, animal crackers, BBQ chips, dried fruit, granola bars, Oreos!

Did The Object of my Anger Leave Early Again?  Yes.  GRRR!  But not by much.

Hey, Is Your Hat Supposed To Look Like That?:  No, it is falling off my head.

Number of Scene-Change/Prop Screw-Ups:  Approximately 9

Motivational Sign Posted by Director:  “Be Smarter!  Be Faster!  Be Funier!”

“Too Darn Hot”: Mildly warm but getting warmer

Speed At Which I Must Run From Stage Right to Stage Left in Time to Make It On Stage For My Bow:  72 mph

Hallway Floor Upon Which I Must Run:  Oil-slicked, clearly a dastardly plan by Wile E. Coyote.

Rehearsals Left Before Opening Night: I don’t want to think about it.  (Okay, one. AHHHHHH!)

Herbie’s Birthday Dinner:  Turkey burgers, sweet potato fries, guacamole dip, cherry pie

Balloons at Herbie’s Birthday Dinner:  17

Herbie’s Birthday Presents:  Motorcyle Transformer Dude, “Warming Massage Oils,” Pinot Noir, Tivo, Sleeping In

Karaoke Songs Sung at The Grapevine: 6

Herbie’s Best Karaoke Song: “It Had to be You”

Rose’s Best Karaoke Song: “Cabaret”

Duets Sung: “Blaze of Glory” (meh), “She Blinded Me With Science” (SCIENCE!!!!!!) 

Time “The Grapevine” Crowd Morphs Into Douchebags and Cougars – 10:30 p.m.

Friends: Pretty awesome for listening to us indulge our inner divas

Having a Night Out on the Town While Moo Spent the Night at Nana and Grandpa’s House:  So wonderful, until 1 a.m. when we desperately wanted to take her home.

Best Moo Moment, Birthday Edition: “Happy Birthday Daddeeeee, Happy Birthday Oooooo”


Yay presents!



Woooo, Herbie’s 35!

Herbie IS a devil on the run.  YEAH!!

Number of Baths:  Only 2! (Herbie was shooting for 11)

Approximate Height of Bubbles in Bath #1:  24 inches

Herbie’s Approximation of Bubble Height:  6 or 7 feet

Time my Mommy Alarm Woke Me Up in the Morning:  7:40 a.m.

Time We Actually Got Out of Bed:  10:09 (yay!)

Time it Took to Say Goodbye to King-Sized Tempurpedic Bed:  about 10 minutes each

Stolen Roses Received from Garden-Trespassing Herbie: 1, lovely, red

Bottles of Wine Consumed: 1.5

Cocktails Consumed: 5 (7, if you count the Bailey’s in our coffee this morning)

Reaction Upon Finding a Raging Dance Party Going On at the Mild-Mannered Orange Tree Resort’s Hotel Bar:  Stunned silence

Length of Time Before we Realized it was Kinda Cool and Joined the Throng:  1 hour, 10 minutes

Song We Shook Our Asses To:  “Sexyback”

Number of Minutes into “Sexyback” Before I Realized I am Out of Shape/Getting Old:  1:30

Song We Slow-Danced To in Our Room:  “Harvest Moon” (by Neil Young – our wedding song)

Number of Times I Kissed Moo Before Leaving Her at Oma and Opa’s House for Her First Overnight:  179

Reaction of Heart Upon Seeing Moo the Next Day:  Bursting into rainbows and hearts and flowers and shooting stars (apparently, my heart turned into Lucky Charms cereal.  She’s just that cute.)  

Weekend Stats

October 6, 2008

Herbie’s Response to Why He Was Bouncing a Ball Off the Ceiling:  “So I can be amazing!”

Bottles of Wine Purchased at Fresh & Easy:  3 (F&E just opened nearby)

Cost of Three Bottles of Wine at Fresh & Easy:  $12.99

What “Fresh & Easy” Should Really be the Name of (According to Herbie):  Laundry detergent

Total Hours Napped by Moo:  1 hour, 25 minutes (over TWO days – ugh!)

Number of Pumpkins Currently in Residence at our House:  33

Number of “Ghosties:”  3

Songs that Moo Can Sing:  3 (Four if you count the Tuna Song – “Tuna, tuna, I love tuna, tuna, tuna – it sends me to the moon-a!”

Songs Moo Has Made Up:  1 (it goes something like, “Pumpkin, oobadeebadah YAY!  Mommy, oobadeebadah YAY!)

Responses to my Email Asking if I Can be in the Big Dance Number:  Big ol’ zero