1.  I make the rules.

2.  I will only go to auditions for shows I’d actually like to participate in – hence, you won’t be seeing me auditioning for anything requiring nudity, probably not very many straight plays (gotta love those musicals), and definitely not something titled, “Sweet Sexy Al’s Crazy Meth Lab: The Musical!” or “Oh Crap Life is Misery.”

3.  I will accept any part.

4.  I will not require payment.

5.  I will audition for any theatre company.

6.  Technically, my birthday is at the beginning of March, but the official end date of my quest is March 30, since many theaters hold auditions mid-March.

7.  Even if I think this isn’t my dream anymore, if I’m cast in a show I’ll see it through, and not only that, I’ll keep going until the end of March, just to give it a fair shot.

8.  I’ll share everything, and will not spare myself an iota of public humiliation, according to the International Code of Ethics in Blogging.


2 Responses to “The Rules”

  1. […] quest lasts for six months (although, really – seven).  I will write every day about my experiences rehearsing for Kiss Me Kate, I will write about […]

  2. […] month of December, but I checked, and I didn’t include anything about holiday vacations in my Quest Rules.  Oops.  This means I have two auditions I could potentially attend one day after our show […]

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