November 23, 2008

Back at AMDA a kazillion years ago, I remember that one of the things that turned me off from auditioning and pursuing my so-called dream (besides terror, a mean boyfriend, and the need to work two jobs to pay rent) was aaall the Drama.  Let’s face it, theatre people are kinda nuts.  And lots of big egos crammed in small dressing rooms can make some pretty explosive fireworks.

Back in the day (which was a Tuesday), the drama went something like this – “A” just lost her virginity to “B” – but he’s sleeping with C!  NO WAY!  C is sleeping with D but I KNOW he’s gay because E told me that they totally made out at a party last week.  WHAT?!  And on and on… and I hated it.

Tonight, we had some very large fireworks at our little show.  Ka-boom! 

And though our show’s drama is different, all drama is the same, in many ways.  Shouting.  Crying.  Accusations of Bitchiness.  And this time, it all ended with someone quitting the show.  Ka-pow!

Look people.  I just wanna sing and dance.  Can we do that?

I’m sick of the drama.  I’m sick of letting myself get caught up in the drama.  Drama, especially when it’s swirling all around you, is so hard to resist – I want to ‘belong,’ and I have opinions myself, which I try very hard to keep to myself, but good God it’s hard when the fireworks really get going.  And there’s no escape!  Green room:  drama.  Dressing room: drama.  Wings of the stage?  Cast members sobbing in each other’s arms. 

After the show, we had an emergency cast meeting.  We rallied around the understudy, who will go on tomorrow with barely any rehearsal.  I nodded vehemently during all the talk of supporting her and helping her in every way.  I want our show to be great.  All I want is for us to put on a good show, to give the audience their money’s worth, to be proud of the work we’ve put into our performances, to — what’s that?  You want us to be here three hours early tomorrow?

Oh.  Shit.


3 Responses to “Drama!”

  1. pam Says:

    so was it the PITA that quit?

  2. […] was still a bit of snarking over our recently-departed (in a huff, with tear-streaked cheeks and hot pink shorty shorts) ”Old Bianca,” but […]

  3. […] But while my blog sits sad and lonely, I’ve been having a pretty great time at rehearsal.  We’re all getting more comfortable with Mary and each other, and as we stage the different songs, we’re having more and more fun playing off each other.  I love my cast members so much, I can’t help but wonder which is the norm – cast love like I’m experiencing now, or cast drama, which was so prevalent in Kiss Me Kate? […]

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