Congratulations, Colin!

February 27, 2011

Perhaps someday he really will buy me a $3 bottle of Coors Light….a girl can dream.


Happy Birthday Moo!.


March 16, 2010

Our weekend started with another hike/stroll…

We paused to ask a lady to take our picture, who asked me, “When are you due?”  “June,” I replied.  “Me too!” she said.

I never would have even guessed she was pregnant.  She handed us back our camera and jogged away, pushing three kids in stroller.  Her other two were just up ahead.

I should take up jogging.

This is that fleeting time of year in Phoenix, where everything is lush and warm and breezy, and you’d better cherish every second, because suddenly, WHAMMO! 100 degrees.  But not on Saturday.  Saturday almost convinced me I like hiking in the desert.  But it won’t last.

Saturday night, Herbie went out with his friend to see the movie “Evil Dead” in the theater, which is apparently something to get really excited about, if you are a guy, and a nerd.  After I got Moo to bed, I watched “He’s Just Not That Into You,” which is one of those movies perfect for watching by yourself at home, if you are a woman, and a nerd.  I’ll admit it, Ben Affleck made me cry, and also I am completely captivated by Scarlett Johansson’s breasts.

Sunday we went to the Chandler Ostrich Festival.  Herbie and I went once before Moo was born and have been trying to get back ever since.  It has gotten a lot bigger since 2006, and although we tried to get our zen attitudes going, there were a LOT of people, and nothing annoys me more than when people won’t let me pass even though I am pregnant AND carrying a toddler.    Also, it quickly became clear that Moo was coming down with a cold.

Luckily, there were goats and ostriches to cheer us up.

Here are three ostriches, just after bucking off their riders in the ostrich race.  I love how they all have their beaks open, like just maybe they’re going to leap the fence and start pecking out eyeballs.  They have a delightful combination of menacing and ridiculous. 

Herbie convinced Moo that ostriches say, “dirka dirka dirka,” so she’s been meandering around the house the last couple days, sniffling and muttering, “dirka dirka” to herself.

The rest of the weekend passed in a blur of boogers.  But Sunday night, I also got to spend some time with a friend that I haven’t seen in a few months, and she’s having surgery today, so everybody take a second and send some good wishes her way, okay?

We went for another hike on Saturday, and as we made our way from the trailhead, right next to Moo’s hopefully-preschool, to AJ’s and Starbucks, I had a genius idea.

Mama:  “Hey!!  If Moo gets into the preschool, I could drop her off and then hike over to Starbucks!”

Herbie:  “Good idea!”

Mama:  “I could have coffee and read or write for a couple hours, and then hike back and pick her up!”

Herbie:  “That is GREAT.  Just one question – where is the baby during this time?”

Good God.  I COMPLETELY forgot I was pregnant.

At California Pizza Kitchen yesterday, after Herbie had to go back to work and Moo and I remained, sipping at our bendy straws, Moo looked up at me and asked, “Why are you my Mommy and Daddy?”

Mama:  “Uhhhhh, because we love you.  And because we made you!”

Moo:  “Daddy didn’t make me!  YOU made me, Mommy.”

Mama:  “Well, Daddy helped.”

Moo:  “How did he help?”

Mama(Okay, don’t panic!  Are we really discussing how babies are made?  You’re supposed to just be straight with them, right?  Penis, vagina, sperm!  Wait, she’s not even three…) “….Well, he…um…just helped you grow!”

Moo:  “He just pushed me right up there?”

Mama:  “….Yes.  Exactly.”

Olympic-Sized Lessons

February 22, 2010

Almost every morning for the past week, Moo and I have thrown a blanket in front of the TV and had a “breakfast picnic” while watching Olympics footage that I recorded the night before.  It’s become the highlight of my day, maybe our day.  I had no idea she’d be so enthused about snowboarding and gold medals, and I had no idea the Olympics would have so many lessons to offer my toddler.

Lessons Moo Has Learned From the Olympics:

*  If you fall down, get back up.

*  Girls can do anything boys can do.

*  It’s nice to have a coach (or a mommy and daddy) to give you a hug after you’ve tried something really hard.

*  If you become an Olympic figure skater, people will throw free stuffed animals at you.

*  There are lots of different kinds of people from all over the world who look different than we do.

*  If you practice very,very hard for a long, long time, you can do amazing things.

And my favorite observation thus far – Moo on Johnny Weir:  “Ooooh, he’s a FANCY man!”

Indeed.  And the joy of getting fancy is a lesson Moo already has down.

Lemonade, Lemonade

January 17, 2010

We picked up Moo this morning after a sleepover at Nana and Gramps’ house (so we could finally see Avatar last night – Wow!  Yowza!  And yet, I think I still liked Star Trek and District 9 better…)  We drove home the long way, through the neighborhood where we hope to live by the time Moo starts kindergarten, and as we drove by her hopefully-one-day school, three kids appeared on the sidewalk, holding signs and yelling.

“Lemonade!  Lemonade!  Just like Grandma made!”  one boy shouted, while another waved a sign that read, “All money goes to Haiti.”

Of course we stopped.  And paid a little extra for the good cause.

But we’d like to do something a little bit more than just buy three cups of lemonade (those kids have a  great mom, I think).  So I’m wondering where others have donated, and if anyone has any advice.  There are so many places to donate, I don’t know which one to pick.  We want one where, hopefully, all the money will go directly to help Haitians.  I’d love some suggestions!