Go to Sleep, Mommy!

June 22, 2009

I have discovered the best game in the whole world.  On Saturday, we went to see a wonderful production of “Sleeping Beauty” at Hale Centre Theatre, starring my talented friends Sonia and Bill, and since then we’ve been playing “Sleeping Beauty” non-stop.  Moo is the horse (a tap-dancing, talking horse, of course), and for a while I was the dragon (I give good ROAR), but yesterday I got promoted to the lead role, the sleeping wonder herself.  Moo instructed me to lay down on the couch and close my eyes.  Happily, my dear!  Then she told me to go to sleep.  Mmmm, yes please!  Then she proceeded to surround me with her favorite toys and books, so that I felt like an Egyptian mummy. 

Finally, while I tried to sleep in a beatific manner, everything got quiet.  I tried not to giggle.  Then I felt her sweet soft cheek against mine, and a tiny kiss at the corner of my mouth.  Moo is not normally one to give kisses, and I usually have to politely request (or demand) a hug, so I positively glowed as I awoke from my slumber, imitating Amy Adams in “Enchanted.”  Moo giggled delightedly as I thanked her and declared her the most beautiful horse in the kingdom, and then she introduced me to her best friend, Prince True the Snake.  And then-

“Again, Mommy!  Go to sleep!”

You betcha.  I spent the next half hour taking cat-naps and getting little Moo-kisses all over my face (I love it when she kisses my nose).  Best game ever!


One Response to “Go to Sleep, Mommy!”

  1. […] to the safety of her side.  And then, lo and behold!  I got to talk to the tap-dancing horse.  THE tap-dancing horse, from Hale Centre Theatre’s “Sleeping Beauty” production, the tap-dancing horse […]

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