That’s one of my favorite quotes of the night, courtesy of Sonia, right after we discovered the theater bar was cash-only, and right before we filed into the theater and I realized we’d gone around the side instead of down the center where the red carpet and fake paparazzi were, and unless I wanted to look like an idiot and frantically back pedal and scootch around back to the center aisle to get my picture taken by a 20-year-old photography student, I’d better just mosey on in and take my seat.

And so I did, missing my fake red-carpet moment, and then I sat my butt down in the 2nd row (woo!) and didn’t move my aching ass for two and a half hours.  Ouch!

Also, I didn’t win, and am now seriously questioning my worth as a human being.  I mean, WHAT AM I?!

But Mary our director won for choreography, and Toby for sound!  And so we were well-represented, the show was great, and I enjoyed being in my dress and my fancy jewels, with my handsome man at an awards show.

Afterwards, Mary tried to give me her choreography award, “because I made it look so good,” and that pretty much made my night.  Then we went over to the restaurant, FINALLY found some alcohol, and schmoozed the night away.  I got to chat with all my theatre buddies, and remembered once again that one of the best things to come out of this whole durn quest is all the friends I’ve made.

Then I tortured myself awhile, because I should GET UP and schmooze with people I don’t know, like all the producers and directors of theaters I’d love to work for (hello, Theatreworks, Fountain Hills, ABT!), and so finally I dragged myself out of my seat and wandered the patio aimlessly until I saw Sonia again and escaped to the safety of her side.  And then, lo and behold!  I got to talk to the tap-dancing horse.  THE tap-dancing horse, from Hale Centre Theatre’s “Sleeping Beauty” production, the tap-dancing horse that Moo idolizes, her go-to character for most games of pretend.  I regaled the horse (actually a very talented young man named Skylar) with tales of Moo’s devotion and he seemed impressed.  After a discussion about the dying art of equine tap-dancing, I returned to Herbie and Julie.

“Where have you BEEN?” they asked.  “You just missed the directors of Fountain Hills Community Theater and Southwest Shakespeare.  I would have introduced you!” Julie said.

Oh, shit.

“Where were you?” Herbie demanded.

“Um… talking to a tap-dancing horse.”

They thought that was preeeetty hilarious, but it was all worth it, because when I picked up Moo this morning at my mom’s house, the first thing I told her was that I talked to the tap-dancing horse.  Her mouth fell open.

“You DID?!?!?!?”

And I told her how the horse hopes she takes tap-dancing lessons some day, and how he bets she’s a wonderful dancer, and she fell into my lap and giggled and giggled and giggled, and that made me happier than any new dress, fancy jewelry, or shiny gold plaque ever could.

Although – that jewelry was kind of to-die-for.  Maybe next year I’ll have another reason to borrow it again.

The whole look (since I rambled on about it so much):

Zoni Awards 011


















With Mary, beloved director/choreographer and Zoni award winner! (She can just add that to the shelf with all her Emmy’s and Oscars.)

Zoni Awards 003

With Sonia, after we FINALLY found some alcohol:

Zoni Awards 008

My date (we’re very misty/mystical out on the patio):

KK Zoni

Back home at the laptop, refusing to take off my finery:

Zoni Awards 013


Go to Sleep, Mommy!

June 22, 2009

I have discovered the best game in the whole world.  On Saturday, we went to see a wonderful production of “Sleeping Beauty” at Hale Centre Theatre, starring my talented friends Sonia and Bill, and since then we’ve been playing “Sleeping Beauty” non-stop.  Moo is the horse (a tap-dancing, talking horse, of course), and for a while I was the dragon (I give good ROAR), but yesterday I got promoted to the lead role, the sleeping wonder herself.  Moo instructed me to lay down on the couch and close my eyes.  Happily, my dear!  Then she told me to go to sleep.  Mmmm, yes please!  Then she proceeded to surround me with her favorite toys and books, so that I felt like an Egyptian mummy. 

Finally, while I tried to sleep in a beatific manner, everything got quiet.  I tried not to giggle.  Then I felt her sweet soft cheek against mine, and a tiny kiss at the corner of my mouth.  Moo is not normally one to give kisses, and I usually have to politely request (or demand) a hug, so I positively glowed as I awoke from my slumber, imitating Amy Adams in “Enchanted.”  Moo giggled delightedly as I thanked her and declared her the most beautiful horse in the kingdom, and then she introduced me to her best friend, Prince True the Snake.  And then-

“Again, Mommy!  Go to sleep!”

You betcha.  I spent the next half hour taking cat-naps and getting little Moo-kisses all over my face (I love it when she kisses my nose).  Best game ever!