Every Little Step

January 16, 2011

I finally feel like I’m waking up from a fog of snot.  Yuck.  Lucky for me, I’m married to the most wonderful man in the world.  Herbie took care of all three of us for the past three days.  And he’s been on Juice duty for four nights in a row.  Yes, he’s quite tired.

For Christmas, my fabulous brother-and-sister-in-law gave me tickets to A Chorus Line, a show I’ve been dying to see since the terrible Michael Douglas movie version came out in 1985.  (But I loved it, ohhhhh I loved it.)  Our tickets were for last night, and I just couldn’t make it – I felt like my head was going to topple off my body and roll out the door.  But lucky for me (again), I also have fabulous parents-in-law, who just happened to have tickets for tonight’s show.  So we traded, and although I will probably be frequently coughing into a handkerchief and annoying those around me, I DON’T CARE.  Finally I get to witness “uhFIVE! SIX! SEVEN! EIGHT! dunna-duh-duh, duh-dunna-DUH! DUH!”  Liiiiiive!

Can’t wait.  (Sniff.)