No News is Good News

October 7, 2009


Haven’t heard anything yet, but there was a second round of auditions Tuesday night, so I would guess the director wouldn’t let people know until Wednesday – actually, she said Wednesday afternoon at the latest.  And for a nice change, she contacts everybody by email, telling them yay or nay.  That’s nice!  I much prefer obsessively checking my email over constant silence from my taunting phone.

Between visits to my in-box, I spent possibly the most awesome afternoon of my life watching Michael Jackson videos with the choreographer of  “Mary Poppins.”  Even that sentence is awesome.  I visited my former director Mary because she was gifting me a copy of “Mary Poppins” (after I told her that Moo loves the music and we don’t have a copy).  Her house is plastered with pictures of the amazings things she’s done and people she’s met – she was even on the cover of Life Magazine!  (That one hangs in the bathroom – hee!)  There was also a picture of the 1993 Superbowl halftime show with Michael Jackson, which she choreographed.  !!!!!  Oh, I love this woman.  So we started talking about Michael Jackson, and then there we were on her couch watching Beat It, Thriller, Bad, and even the unedited version of Black and White.  But she saved the best for last – a performance from the 1993 American Music Awards which I’d never seen before.  We watched it three times. 

Seems like performers these days cram every damn thing into their live shows – circus acts, giant blow-up clown puppets, gymnastic equipment – but maybe all you really need is talent like that, choreography like that, and some cool lighting.  I think I’m just going to keep watching that until my email arrives.

*P.S. – If you can dance like that, I don’t give a shit if you lip-synch.


Cocktail Hour

February 13, 2009

Herbie and I recently instituted Cocktail Hour in our house.  We realized we had started a bad habit of heading straight to our computers and hunkering down as soon as Moo went to bed.   So we’ve been enjoying lounging on the couch with our drinks (preferably adorned with plastic cocktail monkeys), chatting about work, and Moo, and oh, all those things that tend to get skipped over when there are dishes to wash/facebook status updates to check out/celebrity gossip to catch up on.  Of course, we’ll have to suspend Cocktail Hour for six weeks starting Monday when my rehearsals start.

By the way, I found out a few days that I have rehearsal six days a week.  WAAH.  That includes Saturdays and Sundays.  Herbie is infuriated at the randomness of having Tuesday as the day off.  Why Tuesday?  Why indeed – there’s not even anything good on TV that night!  Or maybe the director is a fan of “True Beauty?”

Anyway, a sampling of last night’s Cocktail Hour revelations:  Apparently, I’ve been talking a lot lately about wanting to punch people in the face or bash in people’s heads with a stick.  Hey, there’s a lot of crappy stuff happening right now – I’m feeling a little violent.  Also, Herbie does not find “Lost’s” latest venture into time travel confusing at all and cannot understand why I am flabbergasted.  It is QUITE simple, he insists.   Uh-huh.  Maybe if you grew up feasting on Star Trek and Land of the Lost, like Herbie.  

We also discussed the new game that Herbie has taught Moo – it’s called “Organize!”  Herbie is on a one-man mission (because really, I’m hopeless) to save Moo from her parents’ chaotic lifestyle and teach her to be neat and tidy.  When he first told me about it, I admit this is what went on in my head:  (“Bwa-ha-ha-ha!  Good LUCK, buddy!”)  But then yesterday, when I asked Moo to put her shoes on the shoe rack and she knocked a pair of mine onto the floor, she placed them back on the rack and shouted, “Mommy!  I ORGANIZE!”  Then when  Herbie came home, instead of begging him to play “house” or “show,” she ran down the hall after him, screaming, “Daddy!  Let’s ORGANIZE!”

This is my daughter?

They sat in the playroom, Herbie handing Moo toys and singing, “Organize! Organize!  Where does this go, I don’t KNOW! Let’s find out and OR-GAN-IZE!”  Moo ate it up.  He’s like a mister Mary Poppins, or an old cast member from a hip-hop-themed kids’ afternoon show, called “Herbie’s Hip-Hoppy House o’ Fun.”

I’m afraid he’s going to try this whole “organize” thing on me next… he might even bring it up during Cocktai Hour.  Hopefully I’ll react calmly and not threaten to hit him in the head with a stick (a stick which he’d probably just tell me to or-gan-ize!).