Refresh (F5)

February 15, 2012

Nine days ago I auditioned for “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” at a theater in Scottsdale.  It was all part of my master plan for the year – to diversify, branch out, and get to know as many theatre people in town as I can (without heading all the way to Gilbert).  I had some doubts – I haven’t done two shows back to back before and I don’t know what kind of strain that would put on my family.   But I know this theater does great work, and “How to Succeed” is a show I’d love to do.

Eight days ago I went to the callback (yay!).  I got there at 6 p.m. and left at midnight.  In between, I learned and sang two songs, read and read and read again for three different roles, learned a dance with a TOE-TOUCH and a SOMERSAULT and a KNEE SLIDE, performed the dance, performed the dance again, read some more, watched people get cut (but not necessarily out of the running), read some more, belted out a song at 11:30 p.m., stood on stage and tried to look pretty and awake, watched more people get cut (but not necessarily out of the running), and looked around in amazement when there were only three girls remaining.  …What that meant, I’m not sure.

Three days ago I went back again for another callback.  The director mentioned I’d be reading for the sexy secretary role (who, me?), so I attempted to turn it up to 11.  I poofed my hair, slipped on my slinkiest dress, plucked my eyebrows into reluctant obedience, painted my nails slutty pink, and even wrangled some ridiculous lashes onto my eyes.  I got there and read again for all three roles.  I went home after about an hour.

Supposedly, supposedly, the casting results would be posted on Facebook and the theatre’s website by today, February 15th.


No, they are not.

And so I quietly go insane…


Seeing Other People

August 16, 2010

I found out that DFT is holding another round of auditions for all roles in “Bye Bye Birdie” – sigh.  So I guess my rival and I weren’t necessarily two great options.  Although I can’t blame them for trying to find a more Alvarezish actress, and I suppose it would be really difficult to cast the leading lady without having a clue about your leading man (no one was called back for the lead, Albert).  Soooo I’ll just sit here patiently until the next round is over next Tuesday. 

I’m still in the running.  But my chances of getting the role seem less and less likely as more time goes by – I just become less and less familiar.

More waiting.  Tick-tock, tick-tock.

Xtreme Callback

August 11, 2010

I still haven’t heard about the audition.  Which is, of course, TORTURE.  The director told us we would hear “soon,” which could mean anysecondnow, or tomorrow, or Monday, or two weeks from now…  I check my phone and email about every three minutes.

There are only two of us up for the role…unless they hold more auditions, but I think they had two pretty good options with the two of us.  And here’s something different than all my past auditions… I think I deserve the role.  This confident feeling is so strange and foreign.  If I don’t get the role, I think I’ll feel a little pissed off, instead of diving into a black hole of self-doubt.  And I would certainly prefer pissed off over depressed.

I mean, I would PREFER to get the role.  But I have no idea if I will.  Here’s the good news:

– Neither of us look remotely Alvarezish, so I guess that’s a nonissue.

– I was really well-prepared and had my lines and song memorized.

– I think my voice sounded nice – the songs sit very comfortably in my belting range, and I think I acted pretty well, too.  The director had us sing a few times and do the scene a few times and gave us some direction to see, I suppose, if we could take direction and to see if we could make clear choices in our acting.  I feel like I did.

– I think, of the two of us, I’m the better dancer.

– I looked pretty fierce thanks to a dress I borrowed from Rosalind.

The best news is that, although I freaked out a bit in the lobby when I realized that there are only two of us up for the role, and that the girl I am up against is someone who I know is very talented, respected, and experienced (ask Herbie about my string of eeeek! texts), I overcame my fear.  When the director called us in, I went in that room to compete.  And I didn’t hold back.  That feels good.

Now for the bad news:

– See above re: talented, respected, and experienced rival actress.  And she has a looong resume.  I have two credits.

– We are completely different in look, style, and energy.  I have no idea which type the director wants. 

– She has a really gorgeous voice, and she acted well, too.

– The worst news: she knows the director.  She starred in the director’s last production at DFT.  So…yikes.  Familiar actress versus someone totally new?  Advantage:  Not Me.

So I just sit and wait, I guess.  Actually, I don’t sit and wait.  I play pretend and wash bottles and make bottles and vacuum and encourage good potty habits and clean up after bad potty habits and tickle tiny toes and glug coffee and fold laundry…and wait.

Um, excuse me, what happens at a callback?



Just as I was leaving my second audition, feeling a little blue (they were not so impressed, I think), I turned on my phone.  Voicemail!

(And this is the part where I hopped in a circle like a bunny in the middle of a parking lot.)

I got called back for “The World Goes ‘Round” at Desert Foothills Theater.  Oh joy!  Oh bliss!  Ohhhhh no!  What happens at a callback?  What do I do?  And am I supposed to call back my callback and tell them that, yes, I accept this callback and called back to tell you so?

Am I supposed to prepare another song?  Are they going to make me sing with other people and expect me to read music and sing harmony?  Oh dear!  Not so good at that, right off the bat.  Eep.  Eep.  Are we going to dance?  SHOULD I WEAR A LEOTARD?  WHAT ABOUT LEG WARMERS?!

Hop, hop, hop, hop, hoppity hop hop.