Before I got all mopey, Rosalind and I spent a fabulous weekend at the Arizona Biltmore (it’s so nice to have friends who are good at winning contests).

The Biltmore oozes old-school glamour – although at first, they tried to stick us in the “Biltmore” add-on motel at the back of the resort, with a view of an air conditioner.  No, thank you.  Luckily, Rosalind doesn’t fear making firm phone calls, and soon we were cozied up nicely in a garden room.   Ahhhh.  Everything was divine, and Rosalind and I decided to settle in and have a cocktail.  Time to pull out the bottle of rum and make a quick trip to the ice machine.

Um, where is the ice machine, please?

Ah, wonderful.  Down the hall, then…

And…through the unmarked door?

Into the creepy abandoned room where one might find a dead body…

Through another creepy door??  What is that in the corner? Is it moving?  Ahhh!

Seriously, I think someone should call Detective Beckett. Oh no, she was shot in the season finale.  Dammit, Castle! 

…Wait, what’s that in the back corner there, some sort of  torture device?

Ice machine!!  God, I hope it doesn’t spit out severed fingers…

Run, Rosalind!  Run back to sweet civilization!

Worth it:


Friday the 13th

May 10, 2011

I realized a few days ago that I wisely scheduled my Phoenix Theatre audition for the evening of Friday the 13th.


I’m in the final stretch of preparations – I have my headshot printed (I think I’m going with black-and-white because my hair is darker now), I have a cute outfit to wear courtesy of Rosalind, and today I had a voice lesson, so I feel fairly prepared with my songs.

The monologue is another matter.   I don’t love it, and I have not yet wrestled it to the ground.  I fear I shall have to subject my children to monologue rehearsals, during which Juice will undoubtedly cling to my legs, whining, and Moo will sit and watch me with that look on her face which clearly says, “Um, Mommy?  I’m just not feeling it, Dawg.”

The best part?  After my audition, I’m getting drunk with Rosalind at the Arizona Biltmore, where we are staying FOR FREE all weekend.  Mojito, here I come!

But before the reward, I have to face the fear of walking into that audition room…again.  Is it going to start getting easier at some point?


April 20, 2011

When Phoenix Theatre informed me, via website, that its general auditions would take place at the end of May, I thought that the auditions would occur, you know – at the end of May.  Not three weeks from Friday!  Eeeeeee THUD.

Ever-so-fortuitously, that is also the weekend of my staycation with Rosalind at the Arizona Biltmore,  a grand ol’ resort that I never in my life thought I could afford (Rosalind won a contest…I love Rosalind).  So I am going to get the audition over with early Friday evening, and then get stinking drunk and loll around on my expensive bed all weekend with a bottle of rum.

Audition preparation is deeply, obsessively underway.  I have reached out to my secret connection for some new song material, I am booking an appointment with a voice teacher for some pre-audition coaching, and I am staying up till 2 nightly, reading play after play in hopes of finding a decent monologue.  I constantly sing potential audition songs in the car to Moo and Juice – I love them so, they do not judge me when I don’t quite hit that high note.  And Moo loves to sing along…the only problem arises when I play “Oklahoma” from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels – I have to sing along VERY LOUDLY during the part where she wants to “blow those little FUZZERS HATS right off.”  Ahem.  Sure, that’s what she’s saying.  No, let’s not listen to it again.

I worry that I am placing too much importance on this audition – setting myself up for a deep depression in the future if I don’t at least get a single call back.  The fact is I still don’t have very much experience, but I KNOW I could prove myself if they gave me a chance, and OH MAN I want to work with them so badly.  Almost as badly as Moo wants a Barbie.

Not until you’re 6, Moo.

…I hope I don’t have to wait two more years before I get my shot with Phoenix Theatre.

Mother’s Day

May 10, 2010

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all!

The weekend passed much too fast.  Saturday began with pancakes, as all good Saturdays should, and then we made an epically long to-do list in an effort to keep me from being depressed at having a messy, dirty house on mother’s day.  It worked!  And we even got Moo’s toenails trimmed, which is sort of like that scene in “Lost” where Sayid gets tortured by temple leader Dogen, except that instead of electricity and burning hot pokers, we used pink childproof trimmers with little teddy bears on them.

She was much happier when we painted them pink (even though I’m pretty sure I heard Herbie tsk-tsk-ing silently in his head).

Then we had dinner at my parents house and finally got a look at their London pictures (my mom is now determined to get herself a castle), and left Moo there for a sleepover so that we could go see “Date Night” – appropriate, since it could be one of our very last date nights for a while!

Early Sunday, I pulled on my Barney dress (like the large dino, not the upscale store), and we picked up Moo and my mom and dad for a surprise Mother’s Day outing that Herbie had arranged.  Our destination – Frank & Albert’s at the Arizona Biltmore, one of the most historic hotels in Arizona (designed by Frank Lloyd Wright), and a beautiful place to spend Mother’s Day.  After omelettes and French toast and a Happy Waffle for Moo, we explored the hotel…

…And then hit Mojo Yogurt for my new favorite thing in the world – coconut frozen yogurt topped with fresh strawberries, mini chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles.  Afterwards, we all headed home, where Moo and I took four-hour naps.  Now THAT’s a happy Mother’s Day!

Well done, my Herbie.  Thank you for a lovely day!

And to my own lovely mother – I can never say thank you enough, for all that you do for me, and for all the joy you bring to my life and to Moo’s as well.  I love you!