January 28, 2012

Four people in the last month have proclaimed that I look just like Jane Fonda.  Three of those people prefaced their comment with, “I’m sure you hear this ALL the time, but…”  The other person whispered it loudly in the middle of the show.  For the record, I do NOT hear that all the time, and as long as it’s the young Jane Fonda we’re talking about, I’m quite thrilled.

I think it’s an improvement over Ally Sheedy, who people used to tell me I look like:

No offense Ally Sheedy, but you’re kind of morose.

…And that one drunk guy I waited on who told me I look like Monica Lewinsky.

I would assume that the Fonda comparisons are because of my shiny leotard and teased-to-the-clouds coif in the show, but the first man who declared me Fonda-esque said it to me before I’d adopted my “Cassie” look.

So I think I’ll stick with the hair-teasing thing, buy some legwarmers, and maybe look into becoming a global exercise maven-slash-Oscar winner.


So Sheedy

September 30, 2008

In the middle of our music rehearsal last night, Girl Soprano turned to me and said, “Has anyone ever told you you look like Ally Sheedy?”

Yes.  Oh yes.  I’ve kept track – in total, as of September 29, 2008, 781 people have told me I look like Ally Sheedy.  Most of these occurred when I was a waitress – for some reason people really love telling waitresses they look like celebrities.  (Best look-alike comment received?  Neve Campbell.  Worst look-alike comment received?  Monica Lewinsky.  You know that’s an insult, right?!)

Anyway, I’ve never really been able to see my own Sheediness.  But I thought Ally deserved a shout-out nonetheless:

Weee!  Just say no, kids!

 …So which celebrities have people said you resemble, hmmm?