Journey to the Ice Machine

May 28, 2011

Before I got all mopey, Rosalind and I spent a fabulous weekend at the Arizona Biltmore (it’s so nice to have friends who are good at winning contests).

The Biltmore oozes old-school glamour – although at first, they tried to stick us in the “Biltmore” add-on motel at the back of the resort, with a view of an air conditioner.  No, thank you.  Luckily, Rosalind doesn’t fear making firm phone calls, and soon we were cozied up nicely in a garden room.   Ahhhh.  Everything was divine, and Rosalind and I decided to settle in and have a cocktail.  Time to pull out the bottle of rum and make a quick trip to the ice machine.

Um, where is the ice machine, please?

Ah, wonderful.  Down the hall, then…

And…through the unmarked door?

Into the creepy abandoned room where one might find a dead body…

Through another creepy door??  What is that in the corner? Is it moving?  Ahhh!

Seriously, I think someone should call Detective Beckett. Oh no, she was shot in the season finale.  Dammit, Castle! 

…Wait, what’s that in the back corner there, some sort of  torture device?

Ice machine!!  God, I hope it doesn’t spit out severed fingers…

Run, Rosalind!  Run back to sweet civilization!

Worth it:


6 Responses to “Journey to the Ice Machine”

  1. Beth H Says:

    ummmmm, i don’t think you guys were supposed to be in there… now show us some pics of your fancy room!

  2. ashley schoolar Says:

    All I can say is, “Red rum, red rum!”. Looks rather reminiscent of The Shining! Sounds like a great time!

  3. Rosalind Says:

    Ahhh, memories. No Beth H., I called the front desk and that is where they told me to go!

  4. Beth H Says:

    crazy! why does an upscale hotel send guests into a storage area, that looks to be an employees-only type of space, to hunt down ice? totally bizarre.

  5. Too Shy Says:

    Mama! When are you going to post again??????

  6. agico Says:

    This ice machine looks so great! I wonder how soon can it produce ice?

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