March 25, 2011

Yesterday, I was in tears, boo-hooing over costumes and messed up staging and missed lyrics and notes, and – well, mostly I was crying because I am so damn exhausted.

As we stood behind the curtain waiting for it to open that night, I felt my brain struggling to connect the dots and all my emotions brimming in my eyes.  And then my pre-sleep-deprived self knocked on my head.  And I remembered – Hey!  I love this!  I’m not doing this because I have to – I’m doing it because it makes my toes and fingertips tingle – because it makes me feel like I’m about to burst with joy – because I fucking LOVE it!

So I kept reminding myself – you love this.  You love this.  You love this!

It only kinda worked last night.  I messed up…a lot.

But then my dear sweet darling baby boy Juice slept through the night (LAAAAAAA CHORUS OF ANGELS!!!), and I woke up glowing from six straight hours of sleep.  (I remember when I could hardly survive without 10.)

I reminded myself again that I love this before tonight’s show – our first with an audience – and it went SO much better.  A few hiccups – but we got laughs, and applause, and had FUN.

I would like some more of that, please!  Official opening night tomorrow night.  Tomorrow!  My Moo’s birthday.  We have a big day of donuts, lunch with Daddy, and cupcake baking planned.

…Does anybody know how to get lipstick out of an evening gown?


2 Responses to “Preview”

  1. Mary Says:

    That a boy Juice!! Only a tiny bit behind schedule. But you do realize that you have now jinxed it by talking about it.

    Oh and I like the use of the word fuck in this post. 🙂

  2. Katy Says:

    So excited to see the show!

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