Flashing, Planning, Rehearsing…Not Sleeping

March 19, 2011

Well it’s official – I cannot organize a flash mob, rehearse for a show, wipe runny noses, get up in the middle of the night, and stay up-to-date on my blog.


For the record – the flash mob was an amazing experience.  I felt – lifted.  I think maybe many of us did, while we wiggled and danced and grinned and pointed up at heaven (I shall not apologize for the cheese-factor of that move).  It really felt like Jude was watching and laughing.  We put a lot of love out into the universe, and most importantly, everyone was thinking about Jude.

One of these days I’ll post a video and talk about it more – the whole experience deserves more than a dashed-off, sleepy post.

Also for the record – my wiser, more experienced mother-of-two friend PROMISED me that Juice would start sleeping through the night at nine months.  I mean, I think I even remember it was a blood oath.  But did Juice sleep peacefully through the night last night?  No – he woke up four times.  FOUR TIMES!  Granted, it’s very hard to be annoyed with him for long, he’s so giggly-wiggly lately.  But no – I take that back.  It’s very, very easy to be annoyed at three in the morning.  After my show is over, and after we gently guide Moo through the tragedy of bidding adieu to her night-time pacifier when she visits the dentist next month, this boy is in for some tough love.  I demand more sleep!

Other than those updates, I’ll jump right to the present:

Our show opens in four days. 
Moo turns four in five days. 
Moo’s birthday party occurs in six days.

Party:  “Come as Your Favorite Character” theme.  We’ve been so excited about Moo’s first party with actual friends her age.  And at first the theme seemed such a brilliant idea – perfect for Moo, who’s coming as Star Song (a pony).  But as I wrote each child’s name on the invitations, I began to wonder – would our theme actually drive people away?  Would these parents shudder at the idea of having to come up with some sort of costume?  So far only three kids have replied.  I’m worried that Moo will be heartbroken if so few of her classmates come – she’s been looking forward to this since August.

Birthday:  Moo’s big day coincides with the second night of my show.  Not ideal – but she’s decided she wants to come see the show that night.  And there just happens to be a point in the show where someone is invited up on stage – guess who that’s going to be?  I’m hopeful the extra attention will make her feel extra-special.  Because as Rosalind said, everyone deserves to feel truly special at least one day every year.

Show:  My costume is see-through.  I accidentally spit in T.A.’s face.  Two people cried at rehearsal today.  Michael nearly ruptured a disk in my back when we foolishly tried to tango as if we had any clue what we were doing.  We haven’t had a single run-through, and I’m still not sure of all the lyrics and harmonies.  My silver sparkly shoes haven’t arrived in the mail yet.  Of course, with a transparent costume, I suppose people won’t be looking at my feet anyway.

All that, and I’m still have the freaking time of my life.


2 Responses to “Flashing, Planning, Rehearsing…Not Sleeping”

  1. Beth H Says:

    enjoy it! that’s all that matters.

  2. from the wings Says:

    I’m still coming as my favorite character. It’s deciding on the favorite that’s the tough part. Quack the Duck or Albi the Racist Dragon. Hmmm

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