March 7, 2011

I’m a bit of a swirl of emotions these days.  Tearing up at a snuggly love-fest with Juice one second, growling at Herbie from the couch the next second.  I think it can all be traced back to some conflicting emotions about the big events occurring in my life right now…

The flash mob for Jude.  I am overcome by the outpouring of support from so many people.  Sixty people have taken time out of their lives to come learn a crazy dance, and be crazy with me, all to celebrate the life of our friend, who some of them didn’t even know.  Wonderful!  But – on the other hand, 180 people RSVP’d and said they’d be joining us.  So where the hell are they??  I know our dance will be incredible, and 60 people is quite a lot.  But I am more and more befuddled by the growing realization that these days, saying you’re going to do something doesn’t actually mean you’re going to do it.  And what’s more, failing to follow through seems completely socially acceptable.  When did that happen? I suppose it’s all a lesson in human nature.  And, perhaps, a schooling in the good and evil of that fickle lover, Facebook. 

I know I need to focus on the (very) positive side of all this.  Yes, there were some people I thought I could count on that haven’t come through.  But there have been other people, some of whom I’ve only known for about three weeks, who have been so – I mean, I didn’t even know people could be so dependable and generous!   I need to focus on those people.   And maybe some of those 180 will still show up for our last rehearsal before the flash mob on Jude’s birthday this Friday.  I hope they do – it’s not too late!  I’d love to see another surge of support – I know most of these people’s lives were directly affected by Jude and so many of them genuinely care about her – so maybe they will come and help us celebrate her life.  I hope so.  But either way, we are going to have a rather amazing experience on Friday.

The other day after our flash mob rehearsal, Rosalind and I were in AJ’s buying sandwiches and discussing all things flashy, when we suddenly realized that our flash mob song, “Let’s Go Crazy,” was playing in the store.  You just don’t hear that song played very often anymore. 

Hi Jude.


2 Responses to “Swirly”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I think what you are doing to honor & remember Judy is amazing. I attended Xavier with you both and my heart goes out to all of you. I was truly overwhelmed by Judy’s story and think about her and her beautiful family often. I wanted to participate in the flash mob but my husband is having surgery so I can’t but I just wanted to say that even those of us who aren’t participating are there in spirit!

  2. Leslie Says:

    I totally flash mobbed my cul-de-sac with you in my heart. Unfortunately no one was around…

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