Quick! Get the Bucket!

February 19, 2011

Friday:  Awakened at 2 a.m. – but not by Juice.  By the Tummy Monster, who attacked poor Moo and gave her the stomach flu.  She proceeded to throw up every half-hour until 10 a.m.  We are so, so lucky to have wonderful parents and in-laws who we can call up and beg to remove the baby from this House of Germs, and so far he is still healthy.  Moo and I muddled through the day with me playing the Mean Mommy who denies her water and food, and Moo moaning and crying on the nest we made for her on the couch.  She was so sick she hardly even noticed when she fell off during  a nap.

Finally I started letting her have some liquids, and a Popsicle, and it stayed down.  So I made her some noodle soup, and just as I was about to set it on the table, she walked into the kitchen with that look on her face, and-


After the clean-up, we retreated to her couch-nest, and I rubbed her tummy and tried to get her to close her eyes.

“I can’t,” she muttered with red, puffy eyes,  “I’m too sick.”

Then she moaned.  “Mommy, I don’t feel like me.”

So we tried to remember all the things that make Moo, Moo – like playing pretend, and making up awesome character names (Eckilee and Guylich, Vinsandria and Roshaloo), and dressing up, and shrieking when her little brother attempts a full-on Moo assault, and coloring and dancing.  She smiled, I promised I wouldn’t leave if she closed her eyes, and she finally fell asleep.

At least there was no more sick, but it was the beginning of another horrible night of her begging us for more, more, more water.

Today she graduated to diluted Gatorade, Jello, a half-piece of toast and three crackers.  But I knew she was feeling better when she finally left her nest and started practicing her moves for the flash mob dance.

“I think I’ll get my tutu!” she said.

And Moo was Moo again.  (Fingers crossed.)


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