February 17, 2011

I think one of my problems has always been that I love the inception of an idea, but dread the carrying out part.  Is this a universal people problem?

I love that moment when I first get a fabulous idea – for a book, or an article, or a whole new blog, or…other things.  But in that first blush of a new idea, I live out the entire experience in my head – I see the whole entire story from beginning to end.  And that’s the part that’s really fun!  So when it comes time to write it all down, well, that’s just hard work.

A few weeks ago, I was driving along with the kids, thinking about Judy and how we could somehow honor her on her birthday on March 11.  And then  – ZING!  I had an idea.  

A GREAT idea.

A really amazing, stupendous idea!

We should have a FLASH MOB – a sudden, spontaneous, joyful dance on Jude’s birthday.  We would celebrate her life.  We would dance our little hearts out to one of her true loves:  Prince.  She would love it.  She would LOVE it.  I could see it all in my mind, and I was so excited I started to cry, which is what I do when I get really excited or really, really happy.

I was so excited I immediately called Rosalind and left her a babbling message.  I was so excited, the idea didn’t disappear from my mind as a silly flight-of-fancy after a long hot shower the next morning.  I was so excited I got Rosalind excited.  And then we posted it on Facebook and made it public.

So far, there are 128 people taking part, and that’s not even including the non-Facebook folks, not to mention all the kids.

And now I have to actually DO it.  The hard work.  I have to, somehow, choreograph a dance for 150ish people.  I have never done anything like that before.  I can see it all in my head, but as for actually getting 150 people to do the same steps at the same time?


I have moments where I wish I could tuck this crazy idea away with all the other ideas I’ve ignored.  But every time I start to view this as an opportunity for spectacular failure, I think about Jude.  And I imagine her bup-bupping, and shrugging her shoulders, like of COURSE you can do this Mama.  Shaking her head – of course.

And I focus.


6 Responses to “Flash”

  1. Kara Says:

    You can do it- what an amazing tribute. I think one of my favorites is the Black Eyed Peas on Oprah. can’t wait to see your video 🙂

  2. Rosalind Says:

    I have no doubts.

  3. kristi Says:

    Yes, NO DOUBTS.

  4. azmattmorgan Says:

    As a dreamer of grandeur myself and a follow-through-er of much less, I say dooooo it! It’s a great idea for honoring your friend.

  5. from the wings Says:

    You got this.

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