On My Mind

January 27, 2011

I took the helmet off at 2 a.m. last night.  I swear it’s already worked and his ears are nice and aligned now.  I really think he’ll only need to have it one more week.  My family kind of laughs it off when I say this, but I’M SERIOUS.


I wish I was one of those people who could recall meaningful literary quotes (or hell, even movie lines), and drop them into conversation at JUST the right time.


I am suddenly reminded that while writing is good and fine, the only way I can really express myself is through dancing, and Oh, how I long for a big empty room, and the catharsis that follows the leaping.


Tonight at dinner, Moo introduced a new song called “Brown and Stinky,” about… yes.  Which made us realize that we should really write a children’s musical about learning to go on on the potty.  Besides “Brown and Stinky,” there would be “Plink, Plonk!” “Stop Talking and Put On Your Pants,” “Don’t Hold It,” (with the chorus: “Pee and poopy don’t stay in your body, pee and poopy go in the potty!” and of course, an epic number called “The Pee Dance.”  I thought the show should simply be called, “Flush!” but Moo insisted that “Lots of People Always Have to Go Pee and Poop and So You Should Go” was a better choice.  And since she wants to be a directorator when she grows up (director dictator?), she probably knows best.


I wish I was 7 years old again, and felt comfortable twirling down the grocery store aisle when a good song comes on over the speakers.  (Although if Moo started twirling, I’d feel just fine following suit.)


I’m starting to think about my birthday, which makes me think about Jude’s birthday.  She was born eight days after me, and we usually celebrated together.    How can we remember her or honor her on her birthday this year?


Amidst all my helmet angst, I am very aware that My God I am lucky, thank you God, and please God, keep my family healthy?


And also, God, since we’re chatting – thank you for Rosalind.  I couldn’t possibly live without her.


One Response to “On My Mind”

  1. Rosalind Says:

    First, I have to agree with Moo on the song title- I appreciate how direct it is and it’s so true as well.

    How can we honor J in a way that is fitting? I’ve been struggling with that question.

    And yes, my life would SUCK without you! Seriously.

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