We Don’t Care About Football…

January 25, 2011

And yes, I am the luckiest, luckiest, luckiest girl in the world that I fell in love with a man who doesn’t like football.  Oh I am so lucky. 

But anyway, we don’t like football.  So instead of watching the ?? and the ?? play in the…playoffs?? on Sunday, we had an Adventure Day.

Herbie started Adventure Days over the summer, and now they’ve become a tradition.  On an Adventure Day, you head out without a plan and just see where the day takes you (okay, sometimes the adult may have a leetle bit of a plan).  But the goal is to stay open-minded and ready for anything.  Herbie and Moo often end up eating ice cream on their Adventure Days.  And on one Adventure Day, Moo and I ended up skinny-dipping.

For our Sunday Adventure Day, we decided to take Phoenix’s newish light rail downtown.  For Herbie and I, it’s still exciting to visit downtown, with all its new restaurants and developments.  When we were growing up, you did NOT. GO. DOWNTOWN.  Now, exciting things are happening, and sure, there are some mis-steps along the way, but it’s still wonderful to bear witness to all the changes.

Juice riding the light rail:

We found a new restaurant called Vitamin T, where we had these amazing Barbacoa beef brisket tacos, and even Moo loved the caramelos (fancy quesadillas).  It’s wonderful when we can find a place that has something we each enjoy.  AND – beer.  Yay light rail!

Phoenix Rail Food has a good article (cynical but honest) about Vitamin T and the downtown scene.

After that, we checked out “Charming Charlie” (“Claire’s” on crack), and then hopped back on the light rail to find the giant jellyfish:

Or….tornado?  It’s called “Her Secret is Patience,” by Janet Echelman, either loved or hated by Phoenicians, but especially beautiful at night when it’s lit up all purply-blue.  It’s supposed to look like a monsoon cloud, or a saguaro boot (the hardened hollow left inside a saguaro after a bird has abandoned its spiny nest).  But we just call it the jellyfish.

His secret is cuteness:


One Response to “We Don’t Care About Football…”

  1. Beth H Says:

    awww, great post! looks like y’all had a wonderful Adventure Day!
    and i TOTALLY hear ya on loving a man who doesn’t care about football. i thank the heavens above & sing Patrick’s praises every fall, especially now that we’re back in football-crazy TX.

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