10 Days

January 14, 2011

I took Moo to the doctor on Wednesday, because her cough just won’t go away.  The doctor peeked in her ears, eyes, and throat, declared she looked great, and then said she’d like to do a strep throat test, just in case.

So Moo endured the tickle at the back of her throat, crying when it made her gag but deciding it wasn’t as bad as a vaccine.  We waited and waited and waited and finally, the doctor poked her head in and announced, “Yay!  You don’t have strep throat!”

End of story, right?  We went home and I focused on keeping my germs away from Juice and Moo, since I could tell I was coming down with a cold, and had Moo retrieve toys for Juice and hand him his “sucky”  every time he dropped it.  I laughed and smiled as they hugged and laughed and toppled all over each other.

Then this morning, as I lolled in bed with a raging sinus headache and stuffed-up nose, the phone rang.  A couple minutes later, I listened to a cheerful nurse inform me that Moo DID in fact have strep throat soooo we’ll just have to start her on 10 days of antibiotics and have a good dayyyy!

Huh?  Apparently, even when a test comes back negative, they still send the sample to the lab for a more thorough throat culture test. 

BUT THEY DIDN”T TELL ME THAT!  They didn’t say, oh, but you might want to keep her home from school/away from the baby just in case this other test comes back positive.  She doesn’t even have a sore throat!  Herbie got back on the phone with the doctor and they finally convinced us that yes, we really did need to start her on those antibiotics.

And so begins the tense waiting to see if anyone else develops strep.

And so ends my one foray from the bedroom today – now I must get back to my Kleenex box.


One Response to “10 Days”

  1. from the wings Says:

    I would have been nice to know.

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