Another One

January 2, 2011

I need a plan.

I’m sitting here, staring off into space, watching Facebook refresh itself and wondering what I should really be doing.

There’s that pile of socks and underwear over there, waiting to be sorted…

I could try “Jungle Boogie” on Just Dance 2 again…

I could corner Herbie for a serious talk about Juice’s head shape and whether or not to get him a helmet…

I could finish the dishes…

I could begin reaching out to people again in an effort to start my theatre news blog…

I could…write…

I haven’t felt much like blogging lately – mostly since Judy died.  Every time I start to write, all I can think about is Jude.  But I feel like I should keep writing, if only to keep my brain in good writing-shape, and also because I have this tiny inkling of a feeling that this blog is leading me down the right path, even if it’s just a stepping stone on the way to something else.

But what?

I went out to dinner last week with a few friends from high school.  When our wine glasses were filled, we all clinked, and Mary said, “Well, thank God this fucking year is over.”

It was the year my friend died, so -yes.  But it was also the year my son was born, so – no.  And now it’s a new year, and usually I can look ahead with great hope, but right now I’m just wondering when Juice is going to start crying again.

I want to do so much.  Mother my children.  Be in shows.  Keep up and improve my blog, and try to grow its readership.  Start a new blog.  Keep the freaking house (mostly) clean.  Get in shape.  Cook healthy but delicious dinners that my daughter will gobble up.  DANCE.  Reach new heights.

I need a plan…


7 Responses to “Another One”

  1. ashley Says:

    Um, it sounds like you made one in that last paragraph. 🙂

    Sorry we missed your party, how did it go? We need to get together, how about you guys come here for dinner some weekend night here soon?? Ethan and Daniel will keep your two entertained. They are experts at entertaining people (especially Daniel)!

  2. Sonia Says:

    I SO hear ya! I keep starting mini plans and wondering how to put them all together. I think we need to at the very least stay connected with each other. I know connecting with you the other night was AMAZING for my motivation. We need to keep charging each other up. Who the hell said facebook and blogs were the only ways. Let’s make plans to see each other in real life more often!

    • mamarose Says:

      Yes!! Do you guys have any plans to see a show soon? We need to see more theatre, maybe we could go together! (If only it wasn’t so expenive…)

  3. Leslie Says:

    Sh*t do I know that feeling.
    I think you wrote what’s been inside my head for the last few weeks… I know it’s been in your head for the last few months, so I’m sorry for stealing your ideas 😉

    If you come up with one, let me know – we can share it.

    I want to dance too – maybe once this little one eats every 3 – 4 hours vs. 2.5 – 3.

    What’s wrong with Juice’s head?

    Hang it there Mama – the good news is that we don’t have to have a plan because HE (Big G.O.D) does for us and everything will always be OK. It will work out.

  4. Bad Ass Muse Says:

    I think it’s always exciting and a little bit scary to decide to embark on new paths. You’ll get there with the Green Room and it will be awesome, because you just aren’t going to let it be anything less. Do I need to get my pom poms out? I made a better dance team member than cheerleader…but if that’s what it takes!

  5. Mary Says:

    Oh nice, I just saw this. Now my potty mouth has made the internet. HA! Oh well, what the fuck. Dinner was fun.

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