Conversations with Moo, Part 2

December 21, 2010

Driving home from Target…

Moo:  Mommy, how did God make paint?

Mama:  Well, he helped make a man or woman who had the idea of making paint.

Moo:  Oh.  Is God a big man?

Mama:  Um, nobody really knows for sure.  Most people think he’s like a really big man.  Some people think he looks like a whole huge bunch of love, like a flower or a cloud or a rainbow.  Or a unicorn.

Moo:  ????

Mama:  But most people think he looks like a man.

Moo:  (Holding her hand over her head) Is he this big?

Mama:  Well, he’s at least as big as Daddy.

Moo:  …So he’s a big man full of love…

Mama:  (Change the subject, think of something qui-)

Moo:  Mommy, how is God baby Jesus’s daddy?

Mama:  (Gah!)  Um, well – Jesus is God’s son, so God is his daddy!

Moo:  But what about Joseph?

Mama:  Joseph is his daddy, too.  Jesus has two daddies.

Moo:  Why does he need two daddies?

Mama:  (Help!)  Uhhhhh because – Jesus was such a special baby.  And after he grew up and became a man, and after he died, he went up to heaven and now he helps God, in all the, uh, God things, that, you know, God does.  In heaven.  Or, all around us.  Because God is everywhere.  And in heaven.  With Jesus – his son.

Moo:  So God shared baby Jesus with Joseph?

Mama:   Um….yeahhh.

Silence.  I hold my breath.

Moo:  Mommy?

Mama:  Yes?

Moo:  Can I have another M&M?



4 Responses to “Conversations with Moo, Part 2”

  1. pam b Says:

    i laugh only because i get similar lines of questioning.. just sans jesus

    its much funnier when it isnt happening to me!

  2. Kara Says:

    phew- i thought santa questions were hard!

  3. azmattmorgan Says:

    Is this what I have to look forward to?

  4. from the wings Says:

    It really is worth looking forward to.

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