November 16, 2010

After a whirlwind week of tech rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and actual shows, I am finally sitting peacefully in our family room.  The children are asleep (although Juice will probably not stay that way for long), and OHHHHH my wonderful husband just bought me a glass of wine, and served in the Goblet of Greatness, no less.

Also, I just ate six Oreos.

I live Bye Bye Birdie all day and all night long.  I play Bye Bye Birdie with Moo all day (she has solved the show’s main conflict – Kim should just kiss Conrad Birdie and keep it a secret from her boyfriend Hugo, and then everyone will be happy… is this a glimpse of future teenage Moo??).  Then I act out Bye Bye Birdie on stage in the evening.  And then I dream Bye Bye Birdie all night.


*They added a rail to the Stairs of Doom!  Unfortunately, the rail is too short for me to reach.  But I have not tumbled down yet.  Hurrah!

*Making an audience laugh makes you feel like the most powerful person on Earth.

*The Table of Extreme Confusion:  there is a scene in which I clear the table of all its breakfast trappings while prattling on and on.  After much back and forth, I was assured that the table would be pre-set by the backstage crew.  But up until our first night with an audience, it was never set.  That night before the show, I tracked down our one backstage crew member and asked her about it.  “Oh, you want it PRE-set?!” she asked.  YES.  Yes I do, please??  So now the table is always pre-set, tra-la! (although I always crawl onto the set before our scene to check, all sneaky-like), but I still have the task of getting all the things OFF the table while remembering my lines and trying to catch my breath after a dance number.  It’s always an adventure, and I love it. 

*I also love having a tug-of-war over fake fried eggs with my fake husband Harry.  Harry is a fantastic fake-husband, and is turning into a pretty great (not-fake) friend, too.  Another reminder that one of the best things about being in a show is the friends you make.

* This show marks my first experience with false eyelashes.  I avoided them previously, because, well – eek!  But everybody in the cast seemed to be wearing them, and I had a pair that I bought for my last show but was too chicken to wear.  So on the evening of our first show, I went into our bathroom to get ready and pulled out the eyelashes.  Moo followed me in and climbed up on the stepstool to witness the makeup-spackling process, as she always does.  “What are THOSE?” she asked, spying the black squiggles in the pretty pink case.  “Fake eyelashes,” I replied.  “To make my eyes look bigger on stage.”  And because I could not let my daughter think I was a wimp, I picked one up, squeezed on the glue, and squiiiished it onto my eye.  “Oooooooooh,” said Moo.  At first, I didn’t like them – they made me so aware of blinking.  But the next night I couldn’t wait to get them back on.  They make me feel like I’m a real actress, and not just a mom with a fun hobby.

But right now, I’m happy to be just-a-mom, with two (still!) sleeping children and a real husband half-asleep on the couch.  My hair is clean and conditioned and grateful for a break from the Aqua Net, and my tights and leotard are waiting for a much-needed trip through the washer.  I’m counting the hours until our next show on Friday, but I’ve also never been so excited to clean the house.

Would it be weird to sleep in fake eyelashes?

Photos courtesy Vangelis Productions/Jeremy Andorfer


3 Responses to “Showtime”

  1. kristi Says:

    I am FORLORN to not be able to come! FOR.LORN. Also: only 6? Pshaw.

  2. mamarose Says:

    Oh, I was just getting started. 🙂

  3. Beth H Says:

    yayyyy! more pics, more pics!

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