You Say Pres-cott, I Say Preskitt…

September 9, 2010

But really, Mom, I think it is “Preskitt.”  I know it’s spelled “Prescott” and I know, growing up, we always made fun of Dad for pronouncing it “Preskitt,” but then I worked for Arizona Highways and it turns out Dad was right.

Moo refuses to pronounce it “Preskitt,” because, and I quote, “That’s not how Nana says it!”

So – we went to Prescott on Sunday with my parents – our first family outing.  HOO!  The weather was lovely, but I’ll admit to some stress on my part.  First – never try to find a new picnic spot when you have a hungry baby in the car.  You will inevitably find yourself pleading for help from a growly old parks department man, who will grumble, “Yup, you jist passed it – can’t miss it, just right on down the road, next to the zoo.”

The ZOO?!


Eventually, we found a park to have our picnic, then headed over to the craft fair where my mom treated the kiddos to matching tie-dye outfits.  We capped it off with ice cream and caramel corn while lazing around in the Courthouse Plaza.

And then Juice cried the whole drive back home.  Okay, no he didn’t.  Only half the drive.  But still – that’s a lotta wrenching myself around pretzel-like to try and blindly pop his pacifier back in his mouth without poking him in the eye (babies do not like being poked in the eye).

Still worth it for moments like these…

Juice basking in the lovely weather (his first time seeing trees, clouds, and the sky! Too hot in Phoenix to let that nasty sun come anywhere near his tender baby skin):


Sibling bonding that makes me swoon (It’s just going to stay like this, right?  They’re just going to be happy and lovey and never fight, never ever ever?):


2 Responses to “You Say Pres-cott, I Say Preskitt…”

  1. ashley Says:

    Adorable! Traveling with a baby in the car is never, never, ever, ever easy, but it has to happen as it distracts both children in the car. Sometimes, even, you get to have a conversation with your spouse! The whole-twisty-pretzle-thingy-unbuckle only for a minute thing – yeah, we’ve all done it.

    As far as moo and juice getting along forever, and ever? You have a whole different dynamic than I experience daily. A girl and a boy, they tend to get along better – boys fight more, fight differently than a girl and boy might fight. My husband has an older sister and he doesn’t remember a whole lot of fighting. You may be in luck!

    • mamarose Says:

      Oh that’s good news! I’ll hold out hope that maybe they’ll continue to get along well.

      And I’m proud to say I managed to pretzel myself without unbuckling – hooray for tiny cars!

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