So Juicy

August 24, 2010

Poor little Juice.

With all the excitement about potty-training, starting preschool, and auditioning, he has not been discussed nearly enough (on my blog, anyway).

Interesting facts about Juice:

1.  His head smells like summer.  I could sniff him all day long.

2.  He loves dozing off in his swing while listening to the Graco company’s fine selection of classical tunes – that is, until “Clair de Lune” starts playing, which just happens to be the song we listened to over and over during his birth.  Coincidence, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

3.  He really does not like looking left, and has a case of Flathead as a result.  I make him do exercises to stretch out his neck muscles, which he HATES until they’re done and he realizes that actually feels much, much better.  Then he grins at me, and I giggle and my resolve melts, and I let him look right again.

4.  He likes to make his sister laugh by pretending he is late for work as a baseball player/marine biologist/astronaut…depending on which onesie he’s wearing.  He is constantly confused by the differences between him and his big sister (babies eat veggies, and big sisters drink bottles, right?), who is always happy to set him straight.

5.  A nice big poop makes him so happy.  (Is this true for men just in general?)

6.  He’s not sleeping through the night yet, preferring to take a nice long snooze from 8ish to 1 a.m.ish, and then a couple two-to-three hour blocks until 5 a.m.  That would be fine and dandy if we went to bed at 8 p.m., but – no.  Mama’s got things to do!  (And wine to drink.)  So we’re still terribly sleepy.  But sometimes when I walk into his room all bleary-eyed at 5 a.m., there he is gurgling at the robots on the wall.  So I don’t say anything.  He’s broken free from his swaddle blanket, and he looks so proud, arms and legs pumping madly with a mixture of anger at being hungry, but fascination with those wide-eyed ‘bots.  I can’t resist a giggle.  And then he slowly, slowly turns his head to the dreaded left, and sees me.  And then he gives me the hugest, silliest, happiest, loving-est lopsided grin I’ve ever seen.  I kinda feel like God for a second.  And then I pick him up and sniff his head all the way down the hall to our familiar corner of the couch.

And that’s my Juice.


2 Responses to “So Juicy”

  1. Emily B Says:

    CUTE! Love hearing about Juice Man, he sounds like a sweet baby.

  2. Beth H Says:

    soooooooo cute! sweet snippets of your day.

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