Very Happy Thursday

August 20, 2010

We should have Mrs. Howard visit every day – our house hasn’t been this clean since before Juice was born!

After meeting and interrogating Mrs. Howard (favorite color: blue, kids in class: 13, girls in class: 9), Moo immediately gathered some stuffed animals to be her new classmates and deemed me “Mrs. Howard.”  I looked over the forms she gave us to fill out while introducing Moo to her new friends – Freddie Frog, Priscilla Pony, Mary Peacock.  Then I spotted this question on the form:  “Why do you want your child to attend preschool?”

Hm.  Cuz…you know….just because….it’s so….hm.  So I asked Moo.

“Moo, why do you want to go to preschool?”


Well there you go.

Then my mom called with the great idea to make an already exciting day more exciting with a trip to the Phoenix Children’s Museum.  Even Juice had a good time!


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