Meeting Mrs. Howard

August 19, 2010

We are all a-twitter here, cleaning frantically and giddily – because tomorrow morning, Mrs. Howard comes for a visit.

Moo’s preschool teacher!

I’m not sure who’s more excited – Moo, or Herbie and me.  Herbie’s even staying home from work so he can meet Mrs. Howard, too.  He asked if he could videotape, but I don’t want her to think we’re crazy, especially since I think she’s just saying hello and giving us some forms to fill out.  We’ll save the videotaping (and weeping) for the first day of preschool next week.

Moo has a list of questions she wants to ask Mrs. Howard:

“What is your name?”  (“Oh! I don’t have to ask her that anymore!”)

“Why do I have two teachers?”

“How many kids are in my class?  How many girls?”

“I know the whole calendar!”

“I can poop on the potty!” (Moo’s not terribly clear on question vs. statement.)

“What am I going to learn?”

Mama:  “What do you think you’re going to learn in preschool, Moo?”

Moo:  “Ohhh, how to read a book, how to draw…”

Hm.  Or maybe some lovely macaroni art!

I told Moo I had some questions I wanted to ask Mrs. Howard, too.

Moo:  “Like what?”

Mama:  “Oh, like – what kind of shoes should you wear…and where do I go to pick you up after school?”

(And – What if she has an accident?  How big are the potties?  Is there a scheduled potty time? Are you going to send her home if she has an accident?)

Moo:  “What do you mean, ‘where do you pick me up?'”

Mama:  “Just – do I go to your classroom, or wait outside?”

Moo:  “?????”

Mama:  “Moo, you remember that I don’t stay with you, right?  That I drop you off, and you stay with Mrs. Howard and your new friends?”

Moo:  “Oh.  Um…uh-uh.”

She pokes sadly at her raspberry.

Moo:  “But Mommy – I might really miss you.”

Mama:  “I’ll miss you, too – but you are going to have SO much fun!”

Moo:  “Yeah!  I wonder what my new friends’ names are!  Do you think they know Strawberry Shortcake?  I think I’ll tell them about Strawberry Shortcake.  I’ll show my teacher my big girl bed!  And introduce her to Hop!  Do you think we’ll learn about bunnies in preschool?  I can tell all my friends I’m a big sister!”

Don’t cry, Mama – don’t cry.


6 Responses to “Meeting Mrs. Howard”

  1. Leslie Says:

    First Day of School Rules (you should just accept now and not be ashamed of later) By Leslie Jackson
    1. Moo will cry.
    2. Mama will cry.
    3. Herbie will probably cry too and/or be just as sad.
    4. The sadness will last throughout the day.
    5. The tears MAY return, and it’s ok.
    6. Moo will have the BEST DAY EVER
    7. It will never get easier.
    8. It’s because we make amazing people. period.
    9. Let’s go to ballet to work off some preschool sadness
    10. The last three aren’t really rules, just numbered statements.


    • mamarose Says:

      Yes ballet! Are you up for it? I also have a crazy desire to try a belly-dancing class. I bet that would do wonders for my abs.

      And I’d bet money Herbie cries before I do!

      • Leslie Says:

        Um, I guess I have the belly for belly dancing 🙂

        I have absolutely NO fitness right now, give me a couple weeks of Gabby Reece pregnancy workouts and then we’ll schedule a saturday (let’s make the goal sometime around the 18th or 25th) for me to join you –

        My friend Andrea LOVES belly dancing so much so that she went from taking a class once a week to being in a professional troupe and she has no previous dance experience… I however fear my rigid ballet training will prevent me from moving so fludily 🙂

  2. pam b Says:

    boy .. this was me at this time last year. sending benjamin off to preschool at age 3.5. how did they get to be that age? how did it go by so fast?? and i was so worried he would freak out when it was time to leave. it went like this

    me: benjamin, i am going now
    benjamin: (crickets)
    me: benjamin, say goodbye
    benjamin: (playing with toy, sound of crickets)
    me: benjamin. its time for me to go
    benjamin: LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    she will be fine – its a rite of passage. but boy is it hard to let go!

    and soon you will suddenly say “holy moly.. whoever thought of this preschool thing is a freaking GENIUS!” lol

    • mamarose Says:

      Ha! I’m already regretting signing her up for two days per week instead of three!

      • pam b Says:

        lmao ! was today her first day? benjamin goes back tomorrow. he is already giving my grief that he doesnt want to do quiet time there – this year he is doing full days (last year was half days). he inevitably gets over it

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