#7 – Bye Bye Birdie, Desert Foothills Theater

August 8, 2010

Well, I had stomach cramps and a backache all day, and complained repeatedly to Herbie that I was really, very deeply and honestly concerned about my health, both mental and physical…but the actual audition part went down rather smoothly.

I think my favorite part was practicing with Moo while Herbie and Juice went to Costco.  I planted myself in the family room and belted out my songs at 100% performance level.  Moo stood there and looked up at me with her mouth open.

“Whaddaya think?” I asked her.

“Welllll…maybe try it again,” she replied.

So I did, and she rehearsed with me, suggesting some moves here and there, until finally when I asked her, “Whaddaya think?” she replied, “GOOD!”

With Moo’s approval, I drove to the audition with a little more confidence than in the past – the fact that I’ve worked with DFT before helped, I’m sure.

I thought I’d left plenty of time to get there, but as soon as I walked in I was told I was next.  Whoops!  Need to spend less time trying to convince Herbie I’m gravely ill, I guess.  Then they called me in, I said hello and went over my music with the pianist and then took my place to sing, trying to look happy and bubbly and thinner than I am currently.

I’ve got to figure out how to set the tempo with the pianist, because that is usually the thing that trips me up a bit.  And, as Herbie points out, since I always have that problem, and they are professional pianists, it’s proooobably my fault.  Shall I tote along a metronome? 

But the tempo-issue only flustered me a bit, and I belted out my notes and tried to be in the moment.  So, so hard to just be in the moment at an audition.  But I finished, and I smiled, and they said, “thank you,” and I said, “thank you, thank you, and thank YOU, and oh thank YOU!” and scuttled out the door.

Then we learned a dance to the song, “Kids,” and I felt very relaxed since the choreography was simple and I figured we’d have plenty of time to practice.  But after only going over it twice with the music, they called us in to dance for the director.  Eep!  I had to give my head a good sharp shake and call my sleepy brain into action, which must have worked – I think I can say I did well on the dance.

Afterwards, the director told us to just wait a few minutes in the hall to see if they’d like to have any of us back for callbacks Monday night.  So we sat a couple minutes and smiled nervously at each other, and then the stage manager appeared with a few pieces of paper, walked over, and handed them to me. 

Looks like I’ll be auditioning for the female lead on Monday night!

So now I have a song to learn and lines to memorize – perhaps I’ll enlist Moo’s help again.  She just may be my good luck charm.


11 Responses to “#7 – Bye Bye Birdie, Desert Foothills Theater”

  1. Rosalind Says:

    You are so meant to be the lead…in everything you try out for!

  2. millie Says:

    Step one . . . check. I KNEW IT! Step two . . . Monday evening.

  3. Sonia Says:

    That’s fantastic!

  4. Mary Says:

    Awesome news. If only I were near Phoenix so I could actually see one of your shows. Love hearing about them on here though.

  5. Cat Says:


  6. Wordslinger for Hire Says:

    Rosie Alvarez? You get to be Rosie Alvarez? Neat-O!

    And I hope that Herbie is helping you with the songs… considering he was once a formidable Conrad.

    Break a leg!

    • mamarose Says:

      I know, I’m rehearsing with Conrad, it’s awesome!

      Yeah, not so sure about the “Alvarez” part… since I am, you know, not very Alvarezish…at all.

  7. from the wings Says:

    Right now she is driving around rehearsing for callbacks in the car so she can go all out and not wake up the kids. It’s pretty awesome.

  8. Beth H Says:

    awesome! picturing you practicing in the car makes me laugh – but you gotta do whatever it takes, right? Break a leg at call backs today! : )

  9. Kara Says:

    Totally impressive. At 7 or 8 weeks postpartum I could barely remember my phone number, let alone lines and choreography. You go girl! Hope you get good news.

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