Potty Showdown

July 17, 2010

Moo is supposed to start preschool in just over a month.  Which would be fantastic news, except that – you know, preschool – where they don’t allow diapers.


So Saturday is The Day Moo Becomes a Big Kid.  I have made casual mention over the past few days that her diapers are almost all gone, and when they’re gone she will become a Big Kid.  So in the morning, there will be no diapers, no pull-ups, no undies – just naked time, alllll day.  And hopefully we will have made miraculous strides by the end of the weekend.  Hopefully she will not fight me every step of the way.  Hopefully we can both remain positive and cheery and not scream at each other.  Hopefully we can both enjoy all the games, charts, treats, rewards and puzzles that I have secretly stashed away in anticipation of this weekend.

I am SO stressed out.  Because once I say the words, “No more diapers,” there’s no going back.  I hope I can be patient.  I hope I can shove my exhaustion way down into my toes so that I can give Moo all my energy as her partner in this training effort. 

God I just hope we don’t both end up crying in the bathroom.

Wish us luck!


3 Responses to “Potty Showdown”

  1. Shelly Says:

    Fingers crossed for you both!

  2. Beth H Says:

    good luck! i know y’all can do it!

  3. mamarose Says:

    So far so good! But GOOD GOD I need a cocktail…

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