Getting Ahead of Myself

July 15, 2010

Something weird is going on today.

It started out like many days lately – up early with Juice on the couch, dozing in and out until 6:30, when I realized that I thought Herbie changed Juice’s diaper in the middle of the night, and he thought I changed his diaper, and now we had a serious diaper situation on our hands, calling for an emergency early-morning bath.

Remembering last Wednesday’s morning chaos as we tried to get out the door in time for Moo’s My Gym class, I kicked it into high gear, rushing around washing bottles, rocking Juice, kissing Herbie goodbye, buttering scones, ironing t-shirts, drying my hair while bouncing Juice in his bouncy seat with a free toe, trying to convince Moo to sit on the potty, feeding Juice, changing Juice, changing Moo, slugging coffee, trying to convince Moo to eat all her fruit, slathering on mascara, searching for clean socks, and packing our diaper bag full of diapers pour deux.


I pulled on my shoes and checked the diaper bag’s contents one more time as I called to Moo to come put on her sandals… diapers, wipes, water, baby bottle, two snuckies, extra bottle just in case,  goldfish crackers, hat, sunglasses, random duck that Moo threw in, wallet, chapstick, phone, extra onesie just in case, three burpies just in case, Juice’s gas drops just in case, random cow that Moo threw in, aaaaand Hop.


“Moo, Moo, Moo!  Come on, get on your shoes while I get Juicy in his car seat!”

“I’m not Moo, I’m Olearia!”

“Olearia, come get on your shoes now please!”

“Ooookay, I just need to finish my story….”

“NOW, Olearia – or we’re going to be late-”

And then I looked at the clock.  Wait…NINE o’clock?  …Not ten?  Nine?  Nine?  NOT ten?  I was an entire HOUR early?? 

That has never, ever happened to me before.  And certainly not something I ever expected to happen once I became the mother of two.

Strangely, it continued.  We ate dinner on time.  Moo got to bed before nine, hallelujah!  The kitchen is clean.  BOTH children are asleep in their beds (yes, I check on Juice about every 15 minutes).  Herbie is lounging on the couch playing Wii.  I am catching up on disturbing news about Mel Gibson.  It’s only 9:10 and we are sitting around, enjoying ourselves, instead of collapsed in an exhausted heap.



Maybe it was just a really weird day.

Update:  Juicy was up crying practically all night, and Moo got up about 7 times to request help finding Hop/her snucky/her pillow, adjust her door, and/or check on Juice.  So it was just a really weird day.


One Response to “Getting Ahead of Myself”

  1. Beth H Says:

    oh damn, it seems that by writing that you jinxed it! ok, next time you have a day like that, don’t tell us until waaaaay after the fact so that it will last.
    : )

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