On Our Own

July 7, 2010

7 a.m. – Herbie is going back to work today, his two-week sleep deprivation vacation over much, much too quickly.  I’m trying to remain calm.  Two children arenot that many – there are many mothers who manage much more than two little ones – I can handle it.

I can handle it I can handle it I can handle it.

14 hours later – I don’t think I can handle this.  And to make things worse, Juice chose the day Herbie went back to work to morph from a sweet, sleepy baby to an angry, cry-y baby.  Herbie:  “One day of crying does not a cry-y baby make.”  I hope he’s right.

It’s 9 o’clock.  I’m going to bed.


5 Responses to “On Our Own”

  1. from the wings Says:

    You can handle it. You can handle it!!

  2. pam b Says:

    was today a little better? those few days running solo are scary but it definitely gets better. i used to sling yael and then i had two hands to go out with benjamin and chase after him

    • mamarose Says:

      I think I really need to get a sling. Had one with Moo but I could never get it to fit right…maybe I’ll have better luck this time with another brand…do you use the Moby (think that’s right)? Two available hands would be really great.

      • pam b Says:

        you name it, i used it. i was a babywearing fuhreak! so at this stage when they are itty bitty, three slings work really well

        a. moby – but sometimes you are too tired and frustrated to tie it up. then again, the pay off is amazing because the kid is in there snug as a bug as either a tummy to tummy hold or a cradle hold across your body

        b. maya wrap – ring sling. lets you get a nice tight hold on the kid, but can get frustrating due to the sling getting tangled when you take it off

        c. pouch sling – i liked new native. unfortunately i no longer have them or else i would mail it to you. the pouch was great. put it on like a miss america sash, smash your child in – voila. we called it the cone of silence

        caveat with ALL the carriers: make sure your child’s chin is NOT on their chest adn they are not making grunty breathing sounds. if they are making a lot of noisy breathing in a sling, they need to be repositioned because they are not getting proper airflow

        lmk if you need more info or help

        another option: beco baby is coming out/has come out with a new carrier called gemini. it does front in carry, front OUT carry and possibly also back carry. the beco seems more newborn friendly than an ergo, but the ergo is more big kid friendly than a beco (from what i have heard)

      • mamarose Says:

        Thank you Pam! That is really helpful.

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