July 5, 2010

What do you do with the dried-up umbilical cord once it’s fallen off the baby and left a cute little belly button behind?  Right now it’s wrapped up in a paper towel, sitting on the spice rack.  Herbie took a picture of it to commemorate its vital role in bringing Juicy to life.

It just seems wrong to throw it away.

Perhaps a little fresh pepper and umbilical cord on your pasta, sir?


5 Responses to “Attached”

  1. Wordslinger for Hire Says:

    I Googled this question, convinced that someone must have come up with some kind of creative solution for what to do with an umbilical cord… oddly, no one has.

    So that is as far as my thinking takes me right now.

    I’m such a huge help, I know.

  2. millie Says:

    You do the same thing with this one that you did with Moo’s umbilical cord if you remember. You didn’t shellac it, did you? I don’t remember this discussion back then.

  3. pam b Says:

    ever heard of “lotus birth”. google it. real eye opener LOL

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