June 16, 2010

Still no baby.

I think my body is better at growing babies than getting them out.  I still feel maybe 5-10 of those contractionish thingies every day, but nothing substantial ever develops.  I wake up every morning, stiff and sore, thinking, DAMN.  Another peaceful night, uninterrupted by breaking water or contractions.

It’s okay to come out now, kiddo!  Nana’s back in town, we have diapers, a place for you to sleep, and lots of love to give.  AND cute robots in your bedroom:

I’ve always been a person who turns in my assignments at the very last second, procrastinates starting projects until mere moments before they’re due, arrives late to dates, appointments, meetings, everything.  Apparently my reproductive system has the same bad habits that I do.


4 Responses to “Nuthin”

  1. Shelly Says:

    Those robots are awesome!!

    Come out, come out wherever you are, baby! (Yeah, okay, so maybe the mystery isn’t WHERE the baby is, but WHEN. I didn’t make up the rhyme in the first place.)

  2. Beth H Says:

    sorry you’re still waiting. i know you must be soooo ready for the little guy to arrive!
    your mom does the coolest murals ever!!!

  3. Cat Says:

    Thanks for the update – I’ve been checking to see if there is any news. That is the cutest mural ever! I love it!

  4. Emily B. Says:

    No posts in days…makes me wonder if he’s here! Do let us know as soon as possible. Can’t wait to hear.

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