Baby Shower

June 4, 2010

Happily, it hasn’t all been fender-benders and rip-offs around here.  Over the weekend, my lovely mom and sister threw us a small baby shower, complete with hand-made robots for decoration (why didn’t I take pictures of those guys?!).  We played games, opened presents, ate delicious turkey burgers (thanks, Rachael Ray!) and DRANK SANGRIA.

Ohhhhhhhh yes.

Then I spent the rest of the weekend watching Moo bask in the glow of her so-adored cousins’ presence.  Mini-golf! Swimming! Dance shows galore!

So lovely.


2 Responses to “Baby Shower”

  1. Beth H Says:

    cute! love Moo’s little “All you need is dance” shirt!

  2. from the wings Says:

    That is also the first time she floated around the pool on her own! I mean, we’re right there, but still great!

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