May 27, 2010

Can we all agree that a woman who is eight months pregnant has the general right-of-way in all things?

The only person I can think of who would have right-of-way over an 8-months-pregnant woman is an 8-months pregnant woman with a broken leg.

I mean, I’m pretty sure this is the one absolute time of my life where absolutely everybody should hold the door open for me, and shimmy to the side in narrow grocery aisles, and let me go first if we both get to the checkout line at the same time and have a comparable number of items.

And YET.

And don’t pretend you didn’t NOTICE that I have a huge giant baby belly, lady.  I can see it written alllllll over your face when our eyes meet momentarily – you think, “Oh shit, I should let her go first.  But I am an impatient evil cow, so I’ll just pretend I don’t notice.  I’ll just smile slightly and move ahead of her like that’s a totally normal thing to do, yeah.”


8 months = right of way.  Period.

…Good God, the hormones…they may be taking control…


9 Responses to “Right-of-Way”

  1. millie Says:

    Oh, yes, those hormones are a survival issue and they should take over at this point.

    Procedure for crossing the street while 8 months pregnant in DECEMBER in SNOW in a suburb of Chicago:
    Arch back and project baby bump forward as far as possible. Raise hand toward oncoming traffic in a “stop NOW” position, shoulder height, hand turned up at wrist. Proceed across street as though you actually do have the right of way. Cars will stop in both directions. No honking will occur.

  2. ashley Says:

    Yes, yes, yes. I can so remember thinking, feeling, and saying out-loud many of the same grievances, especially with the second child in the picture. With the second child comes double to exhaustion, fretting over how the second child will transition to being and having a new sibling. There are still a few sane people out there that totally don’t live in their head as they move through life, some generally thoughtful people that are more aware of their surroundings and how they affect other people, especially tired pregnant ladies! But, there are many clueless morons’ that flit through life thinking about how terrible it would be to be late to their manicure appointments, I’d like to sick the taliban on them. Love your blog, it’s like reliving both of my pregnancies via you! ;0)

    • mamarose Says:

      Thanks for reminding me that there are kind people, too – I especially remember, after Moo was born, rediscovering humanity’s kindness, and being so delighted by all the people who would comment on her adorable newborn-ness. It felt so nice to be reconnecting with my fellow humans. 🙂

  3. ashley Says:

    Oh, for petes sake, I meant first child in those first few sentences. Duh, I’m having brain issues today!

  4. from the wings Says:

    My favorite was when we were at the chocolate festival and we’re walking past these two women and I hear one of them say, “Oh my!”. To Mama I say, “Did you say something to her?” and Mama retells how she and her pregger belly were headed on a collision course with this woman and Mama says quietly, “I will run you down!” Hilarious!

  5. pam b Says:

    ah yes.. i feel your pain.. just wait til the kid comes out. trying to get through a door with stroller and older child. and some evil wench SEES you and doesnt even hold the f%*#ng door!! wtf is that? and you KNOW she is a mom and has been there. so why cant she help?! i find its the men who are actually FAR more courteous in these sitches – pregnant ladies, ladies with little kids, etc trying to get somewhere. men have bent over backwards to help me and fellow moms just watch me struggle. what *IS* that??

    • mamarose Says:

      You’re RIGHT – it is totally the women who are the worst about this, and who SHOULD be the most empathetic! Maybe they feel our suffering is a rite of passage all women must endure?

      • pam b Says:

        if they think its a rite of passage, then they are sick people! when i see a mom struggling i help – even if ihave my kids with me and my hands are tied up

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