Impending Human

May 7, 2010

Walking into the kitchen last night, and trying to literally hold up my big belly, I suddenly realized that I am carrying around a human being inside my body.

The physical reality of it struck me so much that I had to immediately sit down and eat three Rice Krispie treats.

I tried to explain it to Herbie.  “I mean, I’m sitting here, being me, I’m still me – but there’s another person inside of me.”

“And it’s a guy,” he added.

At which point I tried to get him to decide then and there what to do about his, you know, guyness.  He chose to go to bed instead.

I mean, this isn’t some little zygote or cluster of cells anymore.  He’s a person, he looks like a (very small) person, he kicks like a person – and he’s going to be out here among us other persons… imminently.

Must buy diapers.  And formula (in case the breastfeeding thing goes as well as it did last time).  And get down the bassinet and wash EVERYthing and clean the house and prepare Moo and pack a bag and EEP.


One Response to “Impending Human”

  1. connie bailes Says:

    Start a list for the first of June. We will be up and running to help you complete it! Looking forward to meeting the new human! You are doing fine! Love – Millie & Phyll

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