Third Trimester

April 30, 2010

I guess that beautiful peach-colored glow of the 2nd trimester is officially kaput, because no longer am I tripping along happily in my maternity shirts and shorts, cheerfully getting up and down from the floor to play ponies, pick up toys, fold freaking laundry… Now it’s more like-

* I change into Herbie’s pajama shorts the second I get home because they’re the only thing that’s comfortable.  In fact, when home, I am usually attired entirely in Herbie-wear.

* I take breaks when drying my hair because I need to sit down and rest.

* The second Moo gets involved in playing something, I mumble something about brushing my teeth or getting dressed and then crash onto the bed.  Then as soon as I hear her footsteps running down the hall, I LEAP out of bed and pretend to be putting away clothes or something.  I don’t know why I feel the need to trick my daughter – I just do.

* I have minor-to-moderate nervous breakdowns when Moo doesn’t take a nap or wakes up early in the morning.

* I have grumpfests on the couch at night for absolutely no reason, whining and growling at the TV as I try to get comfortable in what has suddenly turned into the MOST uncomfortable couch in the world, until Herbie gets the hint and rubs my legs or belly or feet or back or WHATever ohhhhh it feels so good.

* I peruse my recipes for dinner ideas and then look over and see that I have made a pile that includes chocolate cream pie, rocky road brownies, caramel popcorn, and double-fudge dream bars.  Strangely, no roasted salmon.

* My boobs are huge and tingly, and none of my bras fit, but I am too cheap to go buy a new one.  Moo asked to see my boobs tonight, and then declared them “yucky.”  Just wait until there’s a baby sucking on them – then I’ll really freak her out.


2 Responses to “Third Trimester”

  1. kristi Says:

    Oooh, my friend, I don’t envy you. The dude is 7 months old and I’m STILL relishing every moment of not being pregnant. Not fun whatsoever. But (and as you know) worth every single minute. I can’t wait for your little guy to come and for you to fall as madly in love with him as you are with Moo. Really, it’s magic how that happens. 🙂

  2. from the wings Says:

    It’s not just the TV that gets whined and growled at. 😉

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