April 28, 2010

About 40-something years ago, my mom had big plans to go to Europe with one of her best girlfriends.  They had just about everything planned out, which countries they were visiting, dates, places, where to stay – and then my mom met my dad on Spaghetti Night at a local bar in Manhattan Beach.  She fell in love, and her plans for Europe faded away.  After 40-something years of marriage, it’s kind of hard to imagine your parents being so googly-eyed in love, but I often picture them on that fateful Spaghetti Night just like this:

Even though her Europe plans were scuttled, the story has a happy ending – marriage, two children, etc. etc.  But I knew that my mom always wanted to go to Europe, except other priorities wouldn’t allow such an extravagance (like, erm, private school? Sorry, Mom).  So when I found a brochure from Phoenix Theatre on my mom’s kitchen counter about a trip to London, I shrieked.  “You MUST go, Mom!  You must, you must, you must!”

And then I pestered her about it for weeks, finally refusing to leave one day until she called and made reservations.  (Downside:  if the trip blows, it’s my fault.)

So my mom and dad are currently strolling the streets of London, sipping tea, and partaking in discussions about all the thea-tah they’re seeing.  At least I hope that’s what they’re doing.  My parents are a little… technologically-challenged…and so although my dad insisted that his phone had international coverage, I’m not surprised that he didn’t respond to my text asking how they’re doing.  I also wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t remember how to text.  And I was expressly forbidden from calling (“$1.29 per minute!!”), so here I am, worrying, and turning into my mother.  They’ve never been so far away!  Did my mom bring a warm enough sweater?  Did my dad remember his toothbrush?!  What if some uncouth Brit tries to take advantage of them?!  What if my mom forgot her plug adapter?  HOW WILL SHE CURL HER HAIR?!!

I miss my mom and dad…


One Response to “Tally-Ho!”

  1. Beth H Says:

    don’t worry – they’ll be fine! i’m sure they’re enjoying all the “thea-tah” & fish & chips they can handle and having the time of their lives.
    : )

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