Dress-Up, and Other Stuff

April 23, 2010

I think she’s starting to feel better…

A couple nights ago, Moo asked us if we would come see her shows when she’s a grown-up ballerina.  We promised we’d come to every single one and bring her flowers.  Moo informed us we would tell her that we LOVED the show, and then we’d all go back to her house (which she shares with Hop) for an after-show party, where she’d have cupcakes for me and a cake for Daddy.

I immediately pictured my grown-up Moo fulfilling all my own delayed dreams and got choked up, and then worried whether I’m actually projecting my own desires onto her, and almost said, “If you decide you want to be a scientist or a Banana Republic manager, that’s okay, too!”

But of course, little girls don’t usually fold stacks of jeans in the world of their imaginations, so I think I should let her plie to her heart’s delight…right?

More stuff that been happening:

* Yesterday, on the other side of our neighborhood, two assholes broke into a house.  The neighbors were suspicious and called the police, who came in the midst of the robbery.  One of the assholes came out of the house with a “hostage,” and the police shot and killed him.  The hostage turned out to be the other thief, and they arrested him, but they were too late to stop the fire that they’d started inside, which burned down that house and most of the one next door.

I really want to move.

* Also yesterday, I had a doctor’s appointment for the baby.  I was in the waiting room, reading Parents Magazine and considering stealing it (which I did), when I heard someone say my name.  I looked up and squinted, she said her name, and suddenly I was hugging a friend from high school (our huge bellies awkwardly rubbing) that I hadn’t seen since 1991.  She was the Gypsy to my Mama Rose!  Of course, the nurse immediately came out and called my name, so I only had time to get her email before hugging her goodbye.

We were only friends for about a year before she graduated ahead of me, but for some reason seeing her gave me a glow (that pregnancy decidedly is NOT) that lasted all day.  The appointment  went fine – I haven’t gained much weight, so I treated myself to a two donut Second Lunch, and the doctor gave me some important information.  Apparently, second pregnancy labor usually goes much faster – “So if you pushed for two hours, you’ll probably only push one hour this time,” she said.  “I only pushed twice!” I said.  “Then you’ll probably only push once this time.”  Good God.  That would not seem to leave a very big window for an epidural. 

I came home to an email from someone from Moo’s new preschool, inviting us to all kinds of upcoming social activities, and I got so excited at the prospect of new friends for Moo, Herbie and me.  And the best  part was that it took a good 30 minutes before my excitement turned into anxiety over small talk and first impressions, and whether I could ever invite any new friends, with their fancy houses just across the way (on the right side of the tracks, so to speak), over to our little home, in our charred and police-taped neighborhood…


3 Responses to “Dress-Up, and Other Stuff”

  1. Shelly Says:

    Moo looks adorable!

    But your neighborhood is scary! I’m so glad it wasn’t you. I wonder how one thief talked the other into being the “hostage”?

    • mamarose Says:

      I know – that was a really brilliant plan on the thieves’ part, good lord. Our neighborhood was fine when we first moved in – just an old modest area, good for a couple buying their first home (us), but since things have gone downhill economically, it’s changed, and I think people are getting desperate. I know bad things can happen in really nice neighborhoods, too, but it’s still very unnerving.

  2. Kara Says:

    Sorry about your hood. And so far, true about 2nd labor. Pushed 1 hour with Kate and 15 minutes with Sam (total labor 3.5 hours Kate, 3 hours Sam). Good luck with the 1 push thing 🙂

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