Good Morning

April 1, 2010

Every morning when I get out of the shower, I flip off the light and open the door, just a smidge, right as I turn off the fan, to hopefully cover up the slight crack! sound of the door opening…and I peek out at Moo’s door.  If it’s closed, I inwardly aaaahhhhh and head for coffee and the computer and quiet time.  If it’s open, that means Moo woke up while I was in the shower and Herbie already went in to say good morning. 

Just a couple weeks ago, the sight of Moo’s door already open would send me spiraling into gripiness.  But ever since our incident last week, I seem to have accessed some uptapped Zen-ness.  I can’t feel grumpy when that dimple makes it first appearance of the morning.  I can’t feel grumpy when I reach down to give her cheek a morning caress, and she reaches back without a word and caresses my arm.  I can’t feel grumpy when she digs Hop out from her blanket to have him kiss me on my nose and make him say good morning in his high little Hop voice.

And I definitely can’t feel grumpy when the reason Moo’s already awake is because Herbie and I stayed in bed an extra 20 minutes.  Herbie, fresh out of the shower and wrapped around me, rubbing my big belly to the quiet accompaniment of soft morning kicks, is definitely worth kissing some alone-time goodbye.

And after all, in just about 10 weeks, I can kiss all my alone-time goodbye.  I’ll savor every morning snuggle, every “G’morning, Mommy!” and even every shower until then.


One Response to “Good Morning”

  1. Beth H. Says:

    very sweet! as always, you paint a lovely picture with your words. : )

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