Dr. Schwartz

March 12, 2010

I recently made my monthly visit to my OB-GYN (do we capitalize that? is that right?), Dr. Schwartz.  Moo came with me this time because she’s been wanting to meet the doctor who “helped her come out.”  I wonder what she visualizes when she says that?

Even though Moo was armed with Hop and a pile of books, she still clammed up a bit when Dr. Schwartz came into the exam room, so I was very proud when Dr. Schwartz still announced her “very advanced” verbally, woo-hoo!  I mean, I think so, but it’s nice to hear a doctor say it, too.  But we weren’t there for Moo, we were there for me!  I was thrilled that I only gained four pounds (Herbie: “Shouldn’t you be gaining more?!  You need to eat more!”  No, I do not!  This is delightful news!  News probably ruined by this Mango-a-Go-Go I’m sucking down, but oh well…).  Moo seemed nonplussed when we listened to the baby’s heart beat, and then as Dr. Schwartz packed away her goo gel, I attacked her with my list of questions before she could bolt out of the room.

Mama:  “Sometimes my tummy hurts like a bruise when I press on it…”

Dr.  Schwartz:  “Just the muscles stretching.”

Mama:  “And it seems like he’s not moving as much as he was a couple weeks ago…”

Dr. Schwartz:  “He probably flipped around so his back is against your belly.”

Mama:  “The ultrasound technician said he was breech.  Should I be worried about-”

Dr. Schwartz:  “No.”

Mama:  “Also I feel like my belly is, like, BIG – bigger than it should be at this stage…”

Dr. Schwartz:  “It’s a boy!  Boys are big.”

Mama:  “And what do you think about circumcision?”

That one got her to sit back and stay awhile!  She didn’t recommend one way or the other, although she did say she “saw some stuff” back in her pathology days, which sounded ominous.  Anyone care to weigh in?


9 Responses to “Dr. Schwartz”

  1. I was circumcised at birth. I really wish my parents had not decided to have me cut. I would have preferred to keep all my parts. My penis is my sex organ. It is not my parents. I am the one who will use my sex organ, not my parents. It is my choice, not my parents. I am restoring my foreskin and can attest that everything is much better with a foreskin, even a restored one.

    Caring for an intact infant is very easy. You only need to wipe what is seen, never retract. Infant care instructions are here: http://www.nocirc.org/publish/

  2. Emily Blagg Says:

    Whoa! Who was that first commenter?
    I get asked this question often as a post partum nurse and ultimately it’s a decision only the parents can make together. But the procedure itself is very simple and quick. I have only seen one circumcision go wrong in 10 years of assisting. And I personally feel if the Dad is circumcised, maybe it be best that the son is as well… And as a woman, I happen to think circumcised penises look better 🙂

    • mamarose Says:

      I thought that post might attract some very passionate folks – it is a delicate subject, I suppose. I pretty much feel the same way as you, Emily, but I’m wondering if you’ve noticed a trend one way or the other – more parents doing it or not doing it? I’ve heard it’s about 50/50 these days. And I have the same opinion about the way it looks, but I wonder if 20 years from now, that generation will feel the same?

      • Emily Blagg Says:

        I think more are doing it than not, (definitely not 50/50 where I work) but I work with a specific type of clientel…upper class/educated. Often the parents that say no in the hospital are the Jewish who do it later at a bris. And then the other ones who decline are usually European. But I have to say, Robert didn’t want Jackson circumcised…I ended up getting my way with that decision, though.

    • Thanks to the Internet, many young men are learning about and questioning their circumcision. They, like me, are not happy that part of our body was cut off. There is a growing backlash from men who resent being circumcised. Parents need to consider how their son will feel having an altered sex organ.

      As for looking like daddy, I have no idea if my dad is circumcised or not. Growing up, that was never an issue. If it was, the answer is easy and not much different than why is daddy hairy or why does mommy look different than daddy.

      Also, it may just be me, but I would find it weird that my mother wanted me circumcised because she prefers a circumcised penis. The only woman whose opinion matters is my wife. She loves my restored foreskin, even though it is the first one she ever saw.

  3. Kara Says:

    Should we have a boy, we are not planning to circumcise (but it’s not been an easy decision and is one reason I just think having another girl would be easier 🙂 ) I really like this by the AAP: http://aappolicy.aappublications.org/cgi/content/full/pediatrics;103/3/686

    Definitely lays out pros/cons, states it isn’t medically essential, tho it certainly can reduce risk of UTIs in infants…Good luck with whatever you decide!

  4. kristi Says:

    We did. Youbetcha.

  5. pam b Says:

    all i can tell ya is this: my husband (a ped) he says that he doesnt know why vagina experts muck with penises LOL .. but seriously, its a personal decision which is a very passionate thing for some people.

    we are jewish ’nuff said

  6. Courtney Says:

    We did not circumcise our little guy, mainly because we figured he’d been through enough. Most of the NICU nurses that we talked to about it expressed some relief at our decision citing pain and risk of infection but I imagine that’s because they see the worst of both. It’s interesting about what the trend out there appears to be because that has not been the case in our little circle of friends. Of 5 couples that we know that have had boys in the past year or so, all of whom have advanced degrees and are relatively well off, only one had their son circumcised and they didn’t do research or weigh pros/cons, they just did it because dad was. That said, they had no complications and their little one is happy and healthy.

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