February 11, 2010

Well, I’m not sure if it’s good ol’ Coxsackie after all.  Herbie and I have examined her mouth thoroughly and repeatedly for any signs of ouchies, and she is free and clear.  Her low fever went away, she ate a decent-enough dinner (and all her chocolate pudding), and then slept all night.

Well, sort of.  Starting around midnight, Moo woke up about every hour to…not quite cry.  She did this weird, whimper-cry-moan, gasp*gasp*gasp* thing, over and over, which would last about 10-15 minutes before she’d finally fall back asleep, only to wake up again about 45 minutes later.  And I would just lay there with my fists over my eyes, thinking, “Do I go in?  Do I go in?”  Because it’s not quite crying, but almost.  It’s not quite torture, but almost.  Herbie slept through most of it, not that I blame him, although I did almost poke him in the eye a couple times to get his opinion on the go in/don’t go in debate.  My elbow may have accidentally brushed into his ribs a few times, but he was zonked out cold.  And there I was, with that crazy mother radar that zaps me awake with every first little whimper.  And sometimes, I think it wakes me up even before the first whimper.

But in the end, I think it’s great that she was able to comfort herself (with some help from her bunnies, I’m sure).  She not-quite-cried herself back to sleep, and it’s actually very healthy that she doesn’t….need me….as much….anymore….



One Response to “Not-sackie?”

  1. Shelly Says:

    I hate the “do I go in or do I leave her alone” moments. You don’t want to neglect your child, esp if she’s sick and/or in need. But then again, you don’t want to go in if it’s something she can handle herself, esp if she isn’t really awake, and if you go in you will definitely wake her and then be there for longer than you want. ARGH!

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