Head, Shoulders, Knees and…Hand, Foot and Mouth

February 10, 2010

So there’s this virus, I guess?  Coxsackie, apparently?  (Yes, the name makes me giggle a little.)  Which can also be called Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease?  Which I guess is what Moo has?


Moo woke up humming to herself as usual, but when I went in, she immediately whimpered and complained that her mouth hurt.  Me:  Ehhhh? 

We’re done with teeth!  All the teeth are in!  There should be no more mouth-pain complications in our life, ever again!  Sooo go back to sleep, I’ll come back in, say, in 20 minutes?  And you will giggle and toss all your animals out of bed like usual, and I will be a happy mommy.  Mmm, kay?


I got her up, read her a book, sang her some songs, and as she settled in to play, I decided she must have just bitten her tongue.  So I dropped her off at my mom’s house as planned, and I promised to call a little later to check up.

I picked her up about 10 minutes after I called.  She was still complaining about her cheeks/mouth/teeth, felt cold, and had bright pink cheeks.  I’d called the doctor and left a message that morning, but no one had returned my call.  So I put on my Serious Mommy voice, called back and acted bitchy with the receptionist until I heard our doctor in the background saying, “Is that my Moo you’re talking about?  Give me the phone!”  Ahh, I knew I liked her.

So….Tylenol, lotsa water, lotsa rest, and expect painful, sore ulcery, blistery things on the inside of her mouth.  Great.  After I got Moo home and settled in bed, I looked up “hand, foot, and mouth disease” and learned that it’s common among little ones and usually contracted in preschools and play centers, etc.  Then there’s a big lectury paragraph saying make suuuuuure you always wash your hands after pooping, and make suuuuure you’re teaching your child good hygiene habits!  And now I am sitting here worrying and glowering, and I’m pretty suuuuure this article thinks that we are gross, disgusting parents, who let their child build sand castles out of poop.

Stupid germs.


6 Responses to “Head, Shoulders, Knees and…Hand, Foot and Mouth”

  1. pam b Says:

    oh.my.gawd. i FEEL your pain. poor little yael got that when she was either 4mo or 6mo. and its very unusual for a baby at that age to get it. we traced it back to her well visit at the ped’s office. ironic, no? supposedly when tehy get it once they should not get it again – meaning hopefully she does not get it again so that the new one does not contract it. that said i have a friend who has two boys that have it a lot

    in the category of “do not feel bad” .. let me tell ya – you could keep the most hygenic house and live in a clean suit and you could still pick it up. thats just how it goes.. and boy does it SUCK!!! its so painful for them..

    1. give her lots of yogurt – it makes the sores feel better

    2. lots of kisses

    3. and since i know you have tons of time on your hands *hardy har har* you might want to disinfect all her toys and quarantine the ones that are not washable

  2. Shelly Says:

    Oh, let’s not pretend you do not build poo castles over there. Couldn’t they come up with a better name for this stuff? I mean, Hand, Foot & Mouth is an improvement over Coxsackie, but all other choices for a “common” term were unavailable?

  3. Beth H. Says:

    “coxsackie” – are you kidding me?!! that is hilarious. that doesn’t seem real. did you make that up? oh yeah, and i hope she feels better soon, of course! : )

  4. pam b Says:

    lol glad i am not the only one with their mind in the gutter for the name of the dang virus.. believe it or not, there is a town in NY (or somewhere on the east coast) named coxsackie.. and the guy who found the virus lived there

    wikipedia: The virus family he discovered was eventually given the name Coxsackie, for the town of Coxsackie, New York, a small town on the Hudson River where Dalldorf had obtained the first fecal specimens.

    • mamarose Says:

      The “dalldorf” virus would be soooo much better. But I can understand not wanting a virus having ANYthing to do with fecal specimens named after you.

  5. Shawna Says:

    What a day!! Poor little babe!! Sure she had a couple of rough days,I am sure she is on the mend now.

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