Turnaround Day

February 6, 2010

I started out scowling – when I got out of the shower at almost-8, Moo was already chattering in bed, and I have come to cherish some alone-time with my doctor-approved cup of coffee (oh nectar of the gods) before she gets up.  Then once she got up, she kept begging me to please, please play with her, and I had to deny her again and again as I rushed around getting our breakfast, drying my hair, getting us dressed in time to get out the door.  By the time we pulled on our shoes, we were both scowling at each other.  I got into the car dreading the day.

I don’t know what happened, but we ended up having a lovely Friday. 

-We sang “Be Our Guest” and “Under the Sea” in the car, and Hop did somersaults on Moo’s lap.

-A cop followed me on the freeway, but didn’t pull me over.

-We danced and sang at My Gym.  Moo had a nice long chat about the tour of her preschool with her favorite teacher, Mr. Jason. 

-She found the courage to just! let! go! (so hard) and hang from the parallel bars for the very first time.

-She got monkey and heart stamps on her hands.

-We treated ourselves to a Strawberries n’ Cream Starbucks smoothie.

-We ordered our sandwiches at AJ’s, and Moo gazed at the Valentine’s Day decorations while I chatted with two nice ladies who had daughters my age about the best toys of the 80’s (Holly Hobbie, Strawberry Shortcake, Smurfs).

-We dined inside next to the flower display and watched a table full of giggly girls.  I wondered if I was that giggly when I was 15 (I was).  I wondered if Moo will be that giggly when she’s 15 (probably).

-Moo noticed all the football balloons and asked what’s up.  “There’s a big football game this weekend that lots of people get excited about,” I told her.  “But we don’t really like football.”  “I like football, Mommy!” she corrected me.  “Gramps likes football!  Maybe I should watch the football game with Gramps so he doesn’t get lonely.”

-We ate our free-with-sandwich chocolates, and we played at the table.

Any day that ends with sandwiches, chocolates, and ponies is fine by me.


3 Responses to “Turnaround Day”

  1. pam b Says:

    omg. holly hobbie.. i loved holly hobbie!! you always take me on these blasts into the past!

  2. Shelly Says:

    I, too, loved Holly Hobbie, Strawberry Shortcake and the Smurfs. My daughter is sort of into Strawberry Shortcake now and it’s kind of weird but the smell is still the same. I’ve actually tried to watch the Smurfs recently (they’re on Boomerang, I think) and man, those cartoons suck. I can’t imagine why I ever liked them. Do you think Smurfette was a ‘ho?

  3. Mama Rose's Mama Says:

    Gramps would have loved watching the game with Moo. He needs a football buddy!

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