Lost Fever

February 4, 2010

Shoot.  I should be writing about – oh, something.  Mothering, growing a baby, making your way in the world today with everything you’ve got – but all I can think about is alternate universes and the protective qualities of ash.  Should I circle our house with ash?  Perhaps it would creep-out potential robbers just enough so they’d leave us alone.  Oh, “Lost!”  I cannot stop thinking about it.  The castaways have thoroughly invaded my dreams, and of course, in these dreams I figure it alllll out and it makes perfect sense, until I sit up, poke Herbie and say, “But what about the one-eyed man?  Where does HE fit into all this?”

Herbie doesn’t like those moments very much.

I wonder why this show has such a hold on me.  First, I love a compelling story, and especially a compelling mystery.  I also love the thrill of being surprised (What?  We’re in the future???), and in our jaded, cynical world, true, thrilling surprises just don’t occur that often anymore.  To show surprise is to admit that you don’t already have all the facts, Jack, and nowadays, everybody knows everything about everything, right? 

I also love the themes of “Lost.”  Science vs. faith, destiny vs. free will, that ol’ reliable theme of good vs. evil, not to mention redemption.  No, I haven’t blown my up my father, or driven him back to drinking, or had a conman strangle him to death – in fact I love my dad very much.  But certainly we all feel ourselves walking the line every day.  Making choices to keep us from needing to seek redemption, whew.  And maybe even knowing, deep down, that we do need to seek redemption – for not trying hard enough, for taking the easy way out, for cursing out that driver while your toddler listens in the backseat…

I also really love Sawyer’s Glare of Death and Gaze of Intensity, which are even more powerful and deadly when delivered shirtless.

Then there’s all the little niggling things, like – why the heck is the island under water?  Can a nuclear bomb sink an island?  Was Desmond wearing a wedding ring?  Was Jin NOT wearing a wedding ring?  Is Jacob good and Man in Black/Smokey/Locke (Smocke?) evil, or is it not that simple?  Would I pee my pants if Smocke bellowed “I am very disappointed in you!” at me?  Yes, yes I would.  Would I just run right out into the ocean and hope to get eaten by a Dharma shark rather than face the inevitable horrors on the island?  Yes, yes I would.  But in watching, thinking about, and dreaming about the show, I get to be as badass as Kate (and as skinny!), as determined as Jack, as faithful as Locke (but hopefully not as naive), as loyal as Desmond, as brave as Charlie, as bold as Sawyer…

Man this show rocks.


3 Responses to “Lost Fever”

  1. Shelly Says:

    I went to bed that night late b/c it was 2 hours. So it’s close to 11:30 by the time I got to bed, which is way late for me. So I lay there trying to sleep but my mind was going too many different directions trying to evaluate and understand so many different things. It took me forever to fall asleep that night and I still don’t understand a damn thing. Do you read Doc Jensen’s Lost posts? They make my brain hurt and I have to read them in complete silence, but I find them interesting, esp b/c he gets many of the subtle references that go over my head. Plus, although I do love the show, I do not watch every ep 15 times to memorize it for future reference.

    • mamarose Says:

      I know! I don’t know why I try to figure it out when I know it’s futile, and besides I WANT to be surprised – it’s just so much fun to try to work out the puzzle. I do read Doc Jensen, love him, although I skim the paragraphs where he goes off on crazy tangents, because I just have a feeling that, while still crazy, the answers are going to be slightly less convoluted than the ones he comes up with. I watch every episode probably twice, and then sometimes catch them on repeats. Mostly I get to know them inside and out just from reading about it so much.

  2. I can only say that I might be living in LOST’S World, too, only I don’t actually watch the show. I am obviously missing out on a chance to expand my universe by watching this show, although my universe has been expanded by the other shows going on in my head. Hmmmm….maybe TV should be a priority in my house again….

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