A January Weekend in Phoenix

February 1, 2010

…So many other places – snow, ice, North Face jackets.  But this is the time of year when I fall in love with Phoenix all over again.  Sixty-nine degrees on the last weekend of January?  Yes, please.

Saturday we drove out to Scottsdale to see Phoenix Theatre’s Cookie Company production of, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.”  Moo is a big fan of the book and its many offspring (If You Give a Pig a Party, If You Give a Cat a Cupcake), so we were all excited to see the rascally mouse in action.

Waiting for the show to start:

During the show, Moo did that funny thing where she stares intently at the action and hardly reacts at all, making us wonder, Oh no, does she not like it?  Does she not get it?  But in fact, she loved it, and we figured out a while ago that what she’s actually doing is memorizing every line and tiny mouselike nuance for discussion and re-creation back at home later on.

After the show, they handed out milk and cookies, and Moo even got to meet the mouse and the little boy:

We realized it would be a shame to bolt out of downtown Scottsdale on such a lovely day, so we had lunch at the Sugar Bowl, one of my favorite haunts from teenager-hood, and just about the pinkest restaurant I’ve ever seen.  

After the sundae – well, sure I had a big pile of laundry to do, and Herbie still needs to put the Christmas boxes in the attic, and our floors need to be mopped.  But the Scottsdale Civic Center park was on the way back to the car, and my little girl looks so cute running around in her little plaid skirt.  Maybe we’ll just leave the boxes out until next Christmas.

I also think she looks pretty cute pretending to be an owl:


…Which is what she did on Sunday at the Phoenix Zoo.  Our library has this fantastic program called “Culture Pass,” where you can check out passes to local museums and visit with up to four people, for free!  Moo and I just happened to arrive at the library right when they were handing them out, and we nabbed tickets to the zoo – hooray!

Oh, I love the zoo.  I love watching Moo follow her “duck friends” around the tables during lunch, I love how she studies the map and tell us where to go next, I love watching her plop down next to a goat to brush its coat at the petting zoo.  I love the Arizona environment, with its roadrunners, burrowing owls and gila monsters.  I love catching a hummingbird having a snack among the Watusi cattle.  I love SnoCones.  I love how Moo pretends to be each and every animal we see.  I do not love monkeys.  But anyway…

Can anything beat soaring like an eagle out of the zoo at the end of the day?  All in all, a perfect weekend.


8 Responses to “A January Weekend in Phoenix”

  1. Beth H. Says:

    that does sound lovely! but what have you got against monkeys?!

    • mamarose Says:

      I don’t know – I’ve never liked them very much, especially when they’re dressed up in clothes. I don’t like the way they look at me, like they know something I don’t.

  2. pam b Says:

    they still have the cookie theater? omg! we used to always go to that

    moo looks so stinkin cute in her sweater and skirt – and i am impressed by the lack of pink!!

    • mamarose Says:

      I know, it’s so impressive that a theater company has lasted so long around here. Thanks for thinking my kid’s cute – I’m not a very pink mom, although moo’s love for pink is growing. I just can’t resist blue – it shows off her eyes!

  3. Mama Rose's Mama Says:

    Perhaps your dislike of monkeys goes back to the organ grinder and his monkey that we use to visit at Chris Town Mall when you were little….but I thought you liked it!

    • mamarose Says:

      Heyyyy I remember that monkey! You’re right, I did like that guy. I think I’m just uncomfortable being so closely related to an animal with such questionable hygiene.

  4. Katy Says:

    Aw, I used to be like that when my family took me to shows at Moo’s age. Just totally rapt. Then I’d reenact everything later. 🙂
    Also, I think Moo looks straight out of the 1920s in her plaid skirt outfit. Especially in the Irwin birthday photos! What a statuesque little gal you’ve got!

  5. soniar07 Says:

    Ooo, the theater, Sugar Bowl the park AND the zoo?! Will you adopt me?

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