How ‘Bout Quigley Egbert?

January 29, 2010

Well, it is definitely a boy.  We had our second trimester ultrasound today, and Herbie was the first to spot the organs in question – apparently, as a man, he’s much more adept at spotting tiny testicles than I.  But both Herbie and our technician were like, “Whoaaa, hahaha, yep!  That sure is a boy!” – so I will take their word for it and trust that I really am growing a tiny penis inside me.  (!!!)

Seeing our baby boy jumping around inside me, seeing the blood vessels pumping, the cord, the placenta, those tiny bones, those tiny feet – well let’s say it all made me feel much less guilty about being so tired all the time.  My body is working hard!  It’s just so amazing to me that I don’t have to tell it what to do – doesn’t it seem like I should have to download some baby-growing software or something?  But no, Herbie and I did the deed, and my handy-dandy lady parts just said, “Thanks, babe.  We got it from here.”  Ahhhh it all just makes me want to…take a nap.  (Okay, and thank God.  Thanks God!)

So now Herbie and I can really start to discuss names.  So many choices!  Quack?  Neigh?  Baa?  Heh.  Even if I did use real names here, I couldn’t discuss our options.  Herbie and I made the choice with Moo that we’d have a firm no-name-discussion policy.  Partly because it’s nice to keep it a just-us decision, and partly because people accidentally say dumb things sometimes.  Like the time years ago when I told a friend I liked the name “Helen” for a someday-baby, and she said, “Sounds like a fat girl.”  Nice.  Also, it is so much fun to announce the name to friends and family after the baby is born – and then, they have to at least pretend they like it!

We do already have some names we like – and one in particular that has been the top boy-name contender since our first pregnancy.  But I don’t want to decide yet!  It’s so much fun looking through all the lists of names, giggling at the silly ones, pondering the unpronounceable ones, and asking Moo for her opinion.  For the record, she likes “Romeo” and “Ham Sandwich.”  And actually, “Romeo” would be pretty cool, if it weren’t for the tragic associations.

We do have some requirements in a name.  We don’t want it to be too popular.  We would really like it to have some meaning, whether it’s a family name (like Moo’s), or someone who we admire, or who has inspired us.  We seem to like more old-fashioned names.  Also, I would really like it to be nickname-able.  If anyone has any suggestions, or suggestions for his blog pseudonym, I’d love to hear them!


4 Responses to “How ‘Bout Quigley Egbert?”

  1. kristi Says:

    East. Now THAT is original, has meaning but uh, Easty? for a nickname. Eastilicious? Hum.

    • mamarose Says:

      Hm, wherever did you get that idea? Actually, that was my dad’s nickname all through college. It is kinda cool. Eastomatic? Easteriffic?

  2. from the wings Says:

    How about Optimus Prime as the blog pseudonym!?

  3. Shelly Says:

    Woo hoo, it’s a boy!

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