More Syrup, Please

January 26, 2010

…Okay, I’m almost over it.

Herbie had a fantastic day at work on Friday, so that eased my blue mood for a while, but then I suddenly fell off a cliff into a giant pool of congestion, struck down with Moo’s cold.

I slept all day Saturday, barely able to rouse myself, even when Moo brought me pretend soup and cuddly animals to make me feel better.  Finally, while Herbie slaved around the house, I hefted myself from bed and made a little nest on the couch, where Moo joined me to watch some figure skating.

I must admit, I don’t know if I really felt that bad, or if it was leftover audition humiliation causing my cough.

Sunday, Moo and Herbie headed to the robot exhibit at the Arizona Science Center.  I was supposed to stay home and rest, but I felt so guilty about my slothfulness the day before that I spent the whole time doing laundry and cleaning up our disaster of a bedroom.  When they got home, I was exhausted, and fell into bed for two hours.

I woke up grumpy, thinking about how I hadn’t planned anything for dinner (bad wife!) and the lack of food in the fridge (worse wife!).  Then I remembered the IHOP gift card in my wallet.  Someone had given it to my mom, and my mom had passed it on to me, figuring we were more likely to enjoy all-you-can-eat pancakes.  She was RIGHT!  We’ve only been to IHOP once before, but suddenly the thought of IHOP made rainbows appear over my head and little tiny bluebirds flitter around the room.  Oh, glorious IHOP, with your five varieties of syrup, covetable coffee cups and questionable level of cleanliness!  I bounded out to the playroom and asked, “Who wants pancakes for dinner?!”

Well, who doesn’t want pancakes for dinner?  Herbie and I had eggs, bacon, and buttermilk pancakes drowned in syrup.  (Actually, Herbie had turkey bacon and egg-substitute – I went full-fat.)  Moo had pancakes with strawberry eyes and a banana smile, and ate yogurt out of a tube.  Delightful. 

Next time I’ll remember – IHOP pancakes cure colds and ease the blues.  As it turns out, I still don’t have anything planned for dinner and we still don’t have any food in the fridge (Oh! Ugh!  Terrible, terrible wife!).  So….who wants French toast for dinner?!


4 Responses to “More Syrup, Please”

  1. pam b Says:

    there are days where the WFD (whats for dinner) thing sucks!! hot tip for how to avoid that “what the hell are we going to eat” problem: when i make something we really like (ie: chili, apricot chicken, goodtime beef brisket) i make sure that i make a ridiculous amount. we eat, i let the leftovers cool overnight in the fridge and then put them in family size portions in the freezer. i dont even bother to recycle them for dinner for the next night. they are like little morsels of yumminess with no work hiding in my freezer waiting for the evening when i havent planned anything and i want something tasty 😉 super helpful when i was pg and right after i was pg – always stuff ready to go!

    • mamarose Says:

      Ooh, what’s apricot chicken? Sounds good. I definitely aspire to this strategy – but then I look in the freezer at the shelf that has collapsed under the weight of who-knows-what, and I really don’t want to deal with that! 🙂

      • pam b Says:

        here is the apricot chicken recipie i like: . i have used this one and you should note that

        1. you can use any chicken parts
        2. you can make it with frozen chicken – which means no waiting around for chicky to defrost! cook on low for 8hrs.

        tell me what you have hiding in there, maybe i can whip up some ideas for you so that you can make it into something you want to eat!

  2. from the wings Says:

    We are very glad to have you back amongst the healthy and happy.

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