Another Audition?

January 15, 2010

I mentioned in my list of goals for the year that I’d like to be in another show.  Except…I’m pregnant!  And then, after I’m pregnant, I’ll have a little needy newborn boy.  (Still a little freaked out about raising a boy.  I think in my head he pops out 12-years-old and looking for things to set on fire.  Melanie:  “He’s not going to set things on fire.”  Dave:  “…Yeaaaah, he’s probably going to set things on fire.”  I KNEW IT!)

Anyway, I’d resigned myself to shoving my showbiz self to the back corner of the closet for a year or two.  Then I received an email from Director J, informing all of the upcoming auditions for Sweet Charity, the show I’ve dreamed of being in since I saw Shirley Maclaine strut her stuff in the movie when I was a little girl.  A few months ago, I had hopes of going out for the role of Charity (because, really, EVERY girl wants to play Charity).  I sighed and sent an email to Director J:  “Unless you want a Charity or a taxi dancer with a big pregnant belly, I’m afraid I won’t be able to audition.”  Then, to my surprise, Director J emailed back, telling me that in fact my belly would not keep him from casting me (except, Charity’s out), and in fact, maybe a baby on board would be good luck!

So now I’m a bit muddled.  I’m dying to be in one more show before devoting myself to full-on mother-of-twoness (and that’s assuming I would even get cast at all, who knows), I’m dying to be in Sweet Charity, I’m dying to see what choreographer and friend Katy Callie comes up with…BUT.  I’m major preggers, folks.  Over four months now.   Closing in on seven months by the time the show opens.  I don’t doubt that I’d be able to dance just about as well as I normally do, but is this what I should be devoting my energy to right now?  And would it look weird?  I think it would be pretty hard to cover up a 7-month belly and pretend like I’m not pregnant.  (Although, Jennifer Lopez did it and nobody fussed too much.)  But would you want to see a pregnant woman singing “Big Spender?”  Maybe that’s a little icky?   And also – I’m TIRED.  Are late night rehearsals really a good idea?

So many questions.  Auditions are Monday and Tuesday.  What to do?


5 Responses to “Another Audition?”

  1. leslietjackson Says:

    D O
    I T

  2. Emily Blagg Says:

    Just try out for it…you could always turn it down if you got the part and decided it would be too much. And that way you’d have fun doing another audition and not always wonder what if. Four months already, really? 🙂 That’s awesome, can’t wait to see you next week.

  3. from the wings Says:

    Do it!!! Make sure you get an under study though. Because if the doctor says bed rest or something like that, then you’re out!

  4. Beth H. Says:

    Yeah, i like Herbie’s answer. and I can totally picture Mel & Dave saying those things! : )

  5. […] being on bed rest?”  Uh, what?  Turns out Katy C. mentioned a comment that Herbie made on a previous post, and suddenly I’m an invalid.  Damn you, blog!!  I tried to set the record straight – […]

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